Why i came on staff

Lena asked me some time ago why i came on staff, and why i decided to do STINT. Let me answer why i came on staff first.


I didn’t always agree with the methods, but i loved the mission!


When i came to college i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life. My freshman year i was not involved at all in CRU, but i made the comment “I love college, except for the classes, if i could get a job like that…” Later, i found about Campus Crusade for Christ. Nonetheless, i was not going to be a missionary- i was the quietest kid in the world, and extremely timid in sharing my faith.


And my first two years of college, i didn’t really care much about God either. But God radically changed my life in college, drew me into a deep relationship with Him, and taught me about surrender and trusting Him- mainly thru Campus Crusade for Christ.


As i began to go deeper in my relationship with God, i realized i needed to surrender more and more areas of my life to Christ- including my future, and profession. When my sister passed away, i realized 1 i needed to trust God, 2. That though my sister was dead physically, she was alive with the Lord- those truly dead were those who didn’t know Christ.


After a while, i told God if He wanted to use me, if He somehow could find a way to use me- and i wasn’t sure how He could use someone like me- He could use me in any way He wanted.


As i began to trust God and step out in faith, i saw God use me in people’s lives, i developed a heart for Him, His Word, people, His truth, and His glory. i experienced God as i stepped out in faith, and i was full of praise and joy as i saw Him work in people’s lives and change them, and change me.

And when i began to think with more of an eternal perspective, i couldn’t think of anything i would rather do more than invest my life into people for the kingdom of God.


i saw how God had used Campus Crusade for Christ in my life, and i knew there would be many people like me, who were making decisions about their faith for the first time during college. i knew there would be several people like my friends who came to Christ, or made big decisions about their futures and faith in college. And i saw it as very strategic for reaching the world- as students go out into all the world and influence others!

Not only that, but when all my other friends were getting excited to leave school, i was sad. While many just wanted to hang out with other seniors, i wanted to hang out with freshman and sophomores!


God really began to develop a heart for the world in me. i was the last person ever expected to be an overseas missionary- my parents even said so! Yet, God was doing something in my heart. So, after graduation, i followed the Lord to a Stint in East Asia.


While i was there, i saw how God had not just given me a heart for them, but for the whole world. i wanted to affect people in Turkey, in China, in India, in the Middle East, in Europe, in the US for Christ!

My greatest gifts were in building/shepherding/discipling. And i really had a heart for people like myself and my friends who had religious background, but didn’t fully follow Christ.

i couldn’t be everywhere at once, so i decided the best for me to influence the whole world, was to influence students in the states who could go and influence the whole world!


Sure enough, my 2nd year on staff i wrote references and/or supported people in Japan, Africa, Turkey, China, Mexico, Europe, as well as in the states!


To summarize, my decision to join staff was based on:
1. There was no better way for me to spend my time & invest my life, than to directly influence people for the Kingdom of God

2. i love college students, i love the environment

3. Students are strategic: They are making huge decisions that affect their rest of their life, including their decision about Jesus Christ

4. Students are strategic: They are the future leaders of tomorrow who can go and influence the rest of this world

5. i experienced God and used my giftings, and enjoyed ministry

6. i can’t be everywhere- but staff in the states allows me to influence the WHOLE world.

7. God used CCC in huge ways in my life.  i didn’t always agree with the methods, but i loved the mission!

Trusting God to turn lost students into Christ-centered laborers!


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  1. that helps me. I share a lot of the same reasons for wanting to join staff. In the beginning of the school year, I was 99% sure that I didn’t want to join staff. Now I’m joining.Thanks for your prayers Mookie. I remember reading one of your posts a while back, talking about the prayer team, and how one of the things you would do would be to pray for more people to pray. I lead the prayer team here, and that has totally been my heart. Without prayer is without trust, and God is most glorified when He works through people who trust Him. Anyway, what all of this rambling is getting at is the fact that whenever you say you’re going to pray in any of your comments, I know that I can trust that you will pray. For that, I’m thankful.

  2. usually when i say i am going to pray means i am going to pray right now… b/c i honoestly forget later… so i should say… i just prayer, or i will pray right now… i must admit, i am often weak in prayer, and don’t pray as much as i should or could. i am humbled anytime a person compliments me on prayer, b/c i don’t think i pray that much, but i will pray right now that this post will encourage readers about staff and/or serving the Lord/following the Lord where He leads.
    Thanks Alex.

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