a lot has happened!

Jeremy is back home, so much has happened since he left 3 months ago- has it really been that long?
let’s see we got internet in the house, wireless, my computer broke- as
did Lucy’s, my back went out, and is good again, Ben was on tv, i
traveled accross the country, saw one of my best in Hong Kong, and i
got a girlfriend… amongst other things…

It’s been one week since we got back…
top 12 things of the week
12. hanging out with Ben & Jen and watching Bride & prejudice
11. listening to Bob Shirock’s talk from staff conference and developing my devotion to God
10. eating at all the nice resturaunts in town
9. pre-ranking players for fantasy baseball
8. my computer broke and i took it apart trying to fix it with no luck
7. actually having email corespondance with a ton of friends- now that i am not using dodomail
6. playing around with people on xanga and getting a ton of comments
5. Buehlers in town
4. being told i do a good job leading the team by the Buehlers- which is nice to hear
3. A great discussion on vision with the gang- talking about October
Sky, and using the question: “If we had unlimited time, unlimited
people, unlimited money and resources, what would we want to see?”
followed by a great time of prayer. it truly was amazing
2. having a great time hanging out with the guys (Scotty, Mark &
Billy)- becoming a men’s time, and the night before with Scotty
1. talking with the lovely Miss Karie Brown every night- til we run out
of minutes on our phone or my roomate had to go bed- once we got the
phones fixed and the numbers right.

ah, it was a good week!


11 thoughts on “a lot has happened!

  1. Hey Mookie!  Do you know that Benny Beuhler sometimes wears leather pants?  You probably do, but I just wanted to remind you. 

  2. You are such a stud!  Ummm…Wickliffe Ohio – when were you there?  Or did you mean Stow and Kent?  Funny – you follow in my footsteps.  Yes – Mookie Blaylock rules!  I miss you friend!  Nice Hottie!

  3. Lookin’ good brother, lookin’ good. I’ve been hearing a lot about this Bride and Prejudice lately…hmm…I might have to gain some insight into Indian culture by watching that (I’m sure it is an accurate picture). I am getting geared up for cricket season again, too, Mook. I even was recruiting a guy to play with us during a support appointment tonight…maybe I’m crazy.Quick question…does Karie call you Mookie or Matt…or some cutesy pet name?

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