My Mann

i was able to spend this weekend with one of my best friends Paul
Mann. He’s a doctor at Vanderbilt, but is spending a one month rotation
in Asia working at orphonages and going to villages giving training to
doctors and some medical help.

We met during my first stint in 99.
This was the longest ( 3 days) we’ve had together in 6 years!

At first, i didn’t connect well with Paul aka “Suga’ Cane”(he was on another team).
But our friendship took a lot of initiative and intentionality.

And in order for it to continue it had to too. As he was at medschool,
and i was at UofM, we rarely were able to see each other. But we still
talked like once/month. And i know i can count on him to pray for me,
and to keep up with me.He even called me last year, the only friend to
call me last year.

God certainly has blessed me with great friends. Even as i’ve left the
country, and moved far away from folks, i still have several close
friends from Purdue and Michigan. There are maybe 3 guys i consider
best friends, and a couple others who are one of my best friends, and
like 10 more who are some of my closest friends… and 20 more really
good friends…

This is amazing when you consider growing up i always only had one
friend, and really didn’t have any good friends, let alone close

After i gave up friends to the Lord, i feel like He has blessed me a
thousand fold. i truly am grateful for you all. All of you. And i love
you, and know that even better friendships can and will develop. God is
so kind. i am thankful for the body of Christ- here and around the
world- and for those other friends( most of my closest friends from
school aren’t believers) He put & kept  in my life!


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