the one with John Cusak

If you’ve been to STINT breifing the last couple years, you’ve heard about John Cusak movies…


i took some test that told me like i was the guy from Say anything- i’ve never seen that movie,

but i think i am like the guy from high fidelity, well the neurotic, self-demeaning, depressed, obsessive-compulsive side.

1. i’m always making lists

2. i don’t believe in myself. i feel like what i do is doomed to fail.

3. And… i always feel like i could do something better or different. i’m afraid to commit to anything. i’m always changing things or on the look out for something different.

4. i don’t seem to do too good in relationships

5. i do something i enjoy, but don’t think that it is that great


i have problems.


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