My english speaker

me. i speak english. i like speaking english. My four hours of language class wasn’t bad today. But, i realized this week- i really like speaking english.

Last week – which seems like months ago now- i thought maybe i could stay here a while… then i came back and realized: i spent all my time with my english speaking team, and at resturants where people spoke english too.

i am in full-swing thinking about where God has me next year.
Do i go back to America b/c there are english speakers there
– and i enjoy that
– i feel competant & effective in that
Or stay here, b/c i have to depend on God
– but, i don’t know if i actually enjoy the ministry here, or if i have the vision…

Plus there are english speaking girls in the states…my age… but as John Wisley asks: Am i playing the odds or trusting God?

oh faith, how you make things complicated…

but i do enjoy english conversations, i’ve called a few people, and have plans for the next week…and hey Jeremy just called me right now. so vonage me!


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