the one with western values

There are a lot of Western Culture values- and it can be seen a lot more clearly here. It’s not that western culture values are all wrong or all bad, but some values aren’t necassarily all good.

Values like busyness for example. Good to be productive, but bad when it takes over.

The next two i’ll focus on came up in my mind while reading Costa’s posts last week.

1. The Value of independence

The value of independence has a lot of negative influence on living the Christian life. If there is ever anything that calls for dependence or valuing others, the value of independence kills it. Anything where you may need to submit, or need to use help from others- is considered weak and undesirable.


2. The value of position/title

People don’t want to be leaders in America, they want the title. Most don’t want the responsibility, but they do want the recognition. i don’t think this is new, nor limited to western culture. People work so hard to be noticed, they may not actually lead. And if not chosen for a position, sometimes refuse to lead.

Would someone choose to lead if they were never noticed for it?


These two values have great influence on how people view women’s roles. It also inhibits our effectiveness. And it impacts our relationships with one another in the body.

i struggle with both- definitly the second…


4 thoughts on “the one with western values

  1. Hmmmm….Amy Grant and Alanis Morissette have albums of the same name? Interesting.  Can we conclude anything from this?  Probably not.
    Sorry my comment is not more serious.

  2. If you like the collection, you should get her acoustic album. Did you know that Emily is obsessed with Alanis. We’ve been to 2 concerts since we moved out here. One was at this little club about the size of an elementary school gym. We stood about 10 feet from the front of the stage. It was awesome.Anyway, I’ve been reading “searching for God knows what” and he talks a lot about your second value. About how we have to prove to ourselves and others that we have value and how that messes up everything in our lives.

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