On an island

You all everybody!

i love that song. Drive shaft Rocks! i can’t believe i can’t find them on xangazon…

And i love LOST!
my favorite characters are Scott and Steve.

Watching the show every week (ok we watch 2 episodes), has been great to feel normal here. i especially enjoy the girls screaming- they freak me out sometime, but it’s all good.

It’s interesting watching the show, b/c some people watch it trying to figure out where they are and what’s going on. Some are trying to figure out what is going to happen next. Some are tryingt o figure out who is going to end up with who…

i try to imagine what i would be like if i were there, and what does the show tell us about our culture and social interactions.

i mean, there is really no community on that island. Even if Charlie perhaps (a common word we use here) PRC’d in this last episode. They all have secrets…

But if you were on LOST, which character would you be most like? What would you do if you were in that situation?

(A plane crash, desserted island).

i think i’d be something like Charlie, but mostly a lot like Hurley.

i think i would have gone around and tried to meet everyone pretty quickly. i would have tried to get to know people- asked questions, and tried to make a safe environment in the personal sense. Maybe like give counseling. i mean Jack is healing physically, but i think healing emotionally is needed too. i would try to have some fun, and help when and where i could.

And, i’d be probably be freaking out.

How ’bout you?


5 thoughts on “On an island

  1. i’d definitely be freaking out.  i freak out watching it on tv… can you imagine me actually living that out?  glad we can raise the enjoyment level for you by all the screaming. haha

  2. I didn’t crush the school bunny’s head and kill it. I crushed the school GERBIL’s head.  Don’t make it worse than it is! : )  I’m teaching at the same school now and the teachers still remind me of the horrific day every now and then…
    I haven’t seen a single LOST episode up to this point, but hear I need to.  Hope all is going well there!

  3. oh my goodness, the first few lines of this post definitely got my attention.  Especially the shout out to Scott and Steve. 
    Did you know, that after driveshaft was introduced on Lost, they were also playing in the background at Sydney’s party on Alias (which used to come on right after Lost)?  That was crazy.

  4. I think I would hate all the salt water, it makes everything so stiff and salty. And sand. You couldn’t get away from it. It would always be between your toes and in your food. I love Samui and all, but I need a bungalow where a maid comes everyday to sweep away the excess sand not a tent on the beach.
    But I think I would be Rose, after everything kinda mellowed out. I love her faith that her husband is still alive, and I like her comforting spirit. She doesn’t have the need or desire to face danger in the face. They don’t show it in the show, but I feel like she’d be the person everyone would go to to really talk with.

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