My love technology

Computers are sometimes the bane of my existence. i tried downloading a talk from OPC, but it wouldn’t play…

YET, instead we listened to a podcast from Erwin McManeus which was great!

PODCASTS, Talks from Churches, Piper books, great stuff

but more, we have skype and vonage.

This last week i talked to 6 of my 8 closest & oldest friends (Paul, Brack, Brent, Erik (&Emily in a package deal), Sean b and Kevin)(in order of when i talked to them). And two of my closer friends in recent years (Jenny b and Scotty E).

And now, last night Erik, thru J akins, introduced me to tiivoo. i watched the end of th Purdue game and the whole UM vs Iowa game live, and stayed up til 7 in the morning. And watching football right now. Ah, good times.

Things have changed a lot since seven years ago… oh, and Billy downloaded all 5 seasons of scrubs… yeah, it’s not too difficult to live here..

Oh, and i also got encouraging emails from ex-girlfriends, And, well, good times with my teammates, and even my asian friends somewhat, and… people coming to christ…. and it has been a pretty good week!


2 thoughts on “My love technology

  1. YEAH! I’m glad it worked. sorry that I made you pull an all-nighter. Also, I thought it was called tiivoo, but it’s actually called viidoo. great talking to you. peace out.

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