life is complicated

i feel like life should be easy. i mean, i believe most things come down to the simple-  however, living out life itself- is very complicated.


People are complicated, and so much of life hinges on people, thus life becomes complicated.


i wish i could boil down how to live life to a formula. But there is no formula for life, none for relationships, you just have to take it as it comes it seems.


i’d like things to be black & white, even if i am an F and a P and an N. Black & white makes things easy.
But circumstances seem to influence much- maybe more than it should, but circumstances do seem to have some impact.


i am finding life is a lot more complicated. Precedent means nothing. God doesn’t operate by a method. Experiences are different for different people. There are some universal, undeniable, truths. But different situations, different people call for different measures, different actions.


In theory, life is easy, but in reality, decisions are more difficult.


We may feel like we know how we should act, or what we should do, or what is ideal, or how we should be able to interact with each other, but when put in a real life situation, it is more complicated to live out.


Maybe, life is more art than science. whatever the case, i have like 20 blogs to write…

life is complicated.


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