My job that never ends

As staff, we always say people don’t understand what we do; but honestly, i don’t know what most of my friends do.

 i was talking with Emily Mellquist about how the jobs (she is a teacher) we have and that it never ends.

Even after we clock out, we come home and still think about what we’re doing. We can’t escape the work.
It’s true that often our job is fun and it can be blurry what is work, but nonetheless, it is still work.

It’s also true that as much as we do in a given day or year, there is still work to do- which is why we keep on thinking.

One of the hardest parts about this job is it is not 9-5. There’s no clear cut on and off time. i think a lot of people leave staff b/c of this.

Some learn how to draw a line. And i think it is good to have some boundaries and be able to leave work behind, but, another part of me wonders if boundaries are always good. Actually, i often feel like people use boundaries as an excuse to be selfish.

Where is the line? What are healthy boundaries, and what is being selfish?

i think of my job like being a teacher or being an on-call doctor… or maybe a super-hero. i can’t just not think about it, i can’t just not save the world, i can’t just let people die. Then again, the work is God’s work and not mine, so i can take time off b/c i trust Him. This is just where it gets complicated.



7 thoughts on “My job that never ends

  1. dude that cd is so good. i love the new dashboard album. that’s a good point by the way. it’s hard to know where or how or when to draw boundaries in min. especially when you think that the christian life is more than just min. if you get any good ideas about that let me know.

  2. It happens here, too. I’ve realized that I have no life. I post and write about all sorts of exotic stuff that I get to do on weekends, but the truth of the matter is I go to work every day around 8 and come home around 6-7. I teach for a few hours in between, I hang out after school, I eat, and I sleep. It does not escape my personal life. I find myself depressed because such and such student is going to get expelled, or that I thought my students had this stuff down and then they flunk my test. I wake up at night thinking Karl Marx and then I go to back to sleep thinking about how I will teach this to my students the next day. It affects everything. I think you’ve inspired a post of my own. You’re alright Mook. I hope to see you sometime down the road, I get a kick out of my xanga stalking you.

  3. mookie you are so right on with this post.  i found myself saying earlier this year “boundaries prevent burnout” but i don’t even know what i mean. or what boundaries are right.  last year on a “day off” one of cara’s friends showed up and our door totally drunk. my boundary says i dont work saturdays and she’s not even my friend. but that never crossed my mind as bridge and i were taking care of her. i just finished the book boundaries so i am all for them at the moment…just have no clue what they should be. especially here were everything you do is with your co-workers and your students seem to have no time orientation. let me know if ya figure something out.

  4. yeah, i feel like i’m pretty quickly figuring all of this out.  having a job that doesnt’ really end. which i probably should’ve seen coming with my mom being a teacher.  it doesn’t end for her and i know it’s hard.

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