On feelings

Where do feelings come from? Why do we have them?


Is there any logic or reasoning behind feelings?


How come some days i don’t feel like doing anything?

Why do feel connected to some people and not to others?

Why do i develop feelings for some girls, and not for others? and why do some girls develop feelings for me, while others don’t?

How come some people are moved by an event or story, while others are not?


Feelings are quite interesting, i wish i could get a better handle on it.


Why are some feelings so dominant and some so fleeting?


Does God use feelings? Is He in control of them? Does He purpose them?

 Or should we always supress them?


What is the right response to them? Any thoughts or feelings?


6 thoughts on “On feelings

  1. Its funny that while I was thinking about what you wrote, I thought to myself… “Mookie must be a thinker.” Almost a little ironic when you consider the fact that Thinking and Feeling are opposites on the Myers-Briggs scale.

  2. supressing feelings seems like a crazy concept to me.  i always think about that when people talk about changing your feelings on any given topic (usually i think about it when girls tell me they don’t like a guy because they shouldn’t.  have you ever really been able to stop yourself from liking someone?) of course i don’t think that we should be ruled by feelings… but having a really good idea of what you feel on any given topic can help us not to be ruled by them.  and plus, when we supress feelings we’re really just being dishonest… i have conversations with myself about my feelings and they usually go something like this: this is what i feel, but i shouldn’t feel that, but i do feel that and if i say that i don’t i’m lying to myself… and while feeling something may not be sinful, lying is and i’d rather not be sinful even if i don’t like what i’m feeling, so i’d better be honest.
    those are my thoughts on feelings.

  3. good post- i think about feelings a lot- because i feel about everything! its how i navigate my existence in the world- by how i feel about everything and everyone! i don’t think feelings are always bad- the very fact that we have feelings/emotions is because we are made in the image of God, but it is hard to know how to submit all these emotions and feelings to the truth of Scripture and yield to the Holy Spirit. but thats what i have to do continually- otherwise i’d never walk in faith and i’d never persevere when things are hard or when it’d just be “easier” emotionally to quit…

  4. mookie,  i’m an OFF THE  CHART f….I think too that feelings are normal, but we must not choose to always respond out of our emotions.   There’s an AMAZING book that Jane Armstrong loves and has her staff/interns read called Lifetime Guarantee (by Bill Gilham).  I think you’d find it interesting.      One thing in the book are a couple definitions of what hypocrites are….Satan’s definition:  ‘Acting contrary to how you feel’ and God’s:  ‘Acting contrary to who you are.’   When it comes to feelings, I think we just need to temper them with truth…about God, about what His word says about us, and our circumstances.   But I don’t think you want to supress them.  

  5. last night i slept on the couch b/c i felt like it.
    And i all of sudden felt depressed… but i feel better now, except i all of a sudden feel sick…ugh. i ‘ll take a look at that book Cindy and think about all your thoughts on the matter…

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