on dreams & desires

Dreams are a catch-22 i feel.

If you have dreams and hopes and desires, you are likely to be disappointed, or put too much stock in them.


On the other hand though, if you don’t have any dreams or aspirations, what do you live for? What motivates you?

Low expectations, high yield, but isn’t it worth being dissapointed sometime if the other option is experiencing so little?

Praying big could lead to saddness, but it could lead to something spectacular!

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best. And no good thing ever dies.


One thought on “on dreams & desires

  1. i struggle with that a lot.  in fact… not wanting to be disappointed is my 4th highest deterrent to praying [after laziness, forgetfulness, and the overwhelming sense of my utter dependence and helplessness… which brings me to the overwhelming reality of all of the people and things i need to be praying for… which flatlines me.]

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