The difficult path

Do you ever feel like following Jesus means choosing the path that seems most difficult? To truly follow Jesus, i must suffer?

Ben and i were talking about this the other day as we are thinking about next year as well as what we are going to do with our life and just day to day decisions.

Maybe this idea tells us something about how we view God. Perhaps we just see Him as a tyrant or a merciless teacher. If it makes me happy it must be that bad. Or, if i’m happy, then perhaps i am in sin.

Truly i do not live for this life- if i did- of all men we are most to be pitied. We live for a different world. But does that mean life is miserable? Christians are supposed to have lives of joy. And some say joy and happiness are different- but what does that mean?

This comes into play even more so for my Asian friends who are choosing to follow Christ. The road is hard.


John MacArthur says walk with God, and then do what you want.

Seems so simple in idea, but so hard to live out. Life is complicated.

i’m not saying i just want happiness. i know that will not satisfy. If i was living simply for happiness, then it wouldn’t be so hard would it?

What i want is more than happiness. i want to experience Christ and honor the Lord. But does that mean i can’t experience happiness?

We experience Christ thru suffering. The Lord is near to those who are broken-hearted. In our weaknesses Christ’s power is made perfect.

Yet asceticism isn’t God’s will for our life either…

So where is the balance?

Regardless, i know life will have difficulties no matter what i choose in regards to relationships, where to live, what to do. And i know sometimes i will experience great joys too. And i can trust in the sovereignty and goodness of God.

but how ought i make decisions?


2 thoughts on “The difficult path

  1. mookie we should talk some time. I was just thinking those exact things about life except for me the questions seem to be most frequently about loving God and loving a spouse and where the line is there. its all very tricky/confusing/nerve racking.

  2. I remember our team in EA having this exact discussion. I don’t think we’ll ever grasp “the balance.” I’m not even sure that’s the best way to look at it. I know this sounds cliche, but we just have to ground ourselves in Scripture and in prayer. That’s what transforms our desire to His. And then, to paraphrase Augustine, “Love God and do what you want.”

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