the one with the compariosn between Lost and STINT

i keep on saying Lost and STINT are so much alike.

(now we are only half-way thru season 1- i can’t beleive Scott died!)

here are the similarities
1. You’re in some new, weird place with a bunch of people you don’t know

2. You might know a few people, but for the most part you are getting to know people who you don’t know anythng about at all

3. And you are learning how to trust them, trust people

4. You are probably learning even more about yourself- how your past has affected you, your baggage, your struggles, your potential, your needs

5. Each person has their unique role and contribution

6. There often is conflict and disagreements, sometimes leading to blows

7. There are voices that scare you and speak lies which often get you down, and you don’t know how to talk about with others

8. You all have a common purpose and tend to work towards it as much as possible

9. Loners will have a much harder time

10. Some are so focused on the mission, they miss out on the real problems people are facing

11. You need to take a break every once in a while

12. water is limited, and clothes are as well

13. people grow out beards

14. Not a lot of good meat to eat, or food in general

15. eating isn’t as convenient

16. Most people are white, though there are one or two minorities, usually one kid around and one pregnant lady around too

17. Communication with people back home is difficult(this was more true 6 years ago)

18. Weird things happen, and you don’t understand why

19. people begin to change

20. Jesus (aka John Lock in our opinion) is always around to give you advice and help you change- even though sometimes it may seem like he is crazy, or out to hurt you


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