the one with people-watching

i just finished watching the Louisville WV game on replay- what a game!


Yeah, i like this Jack Johnson song. It certainly feels true here in Asia. i am constantly watching people who are watching me. Some people hate it, but i love it!


In general, i love people-watching. Be it at a ballpark, a cru meeting, any party- i love observing people.


People are interesting… and weird. And the more i watch people, the more i can learn about why people act the way they do, and perhaps why they feel the way they feel, or think the way they think.


And as i think about it, i need to spend more time just people-watching.


i love to go up to one of the restaurants here and sit on the second floor and just watch people. i think as i do, it gives me a better sense of their reality- that they are like sheep scattered w/o a shepherd.

When i people-watch i tend to be able to see intentions behind actions, i can begin to see a sense of despair, or a sense of hope, and the sense of lonliness.


It may seem like wasting time to some, but i think taking an hour or two to just sit and watch people- at a store, at the mall, at a park, in a restaurant, on a bus, in a classroom, etc…. well, i think it could turn out to be one of the most productive things one could do!


3 thoughts on “the one with people-watching

  1. Yay Jack Johnson! And yay for Louisville beating West Virginia. I thought WV would win.Talk to Anna about “people watching”… she does it all the time. It’s almost creepy sometimes.

  2. I once had a Chinese friend tell me that other Chinese would think it was weird to sit around and people watch. I thought it was one of the most ridiculous things I had ever heard. But maybe they just ‘foreign people’ watch. Still, I hardly think they should have an issue with people staring at others. Its like the national pasttime.

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