On pride

There’s an episode of Seinfeld where George buys a salad for Elaine, but his gf gives it to her and Elaine thanks her. George gets peeved. And it’s funny.

but, i’m like George. i hate to admit it, but i am.

i am so pretentious, so prideful.

i know the Lord says if you live for the praise of men, you have your reward here and that’s all you get. Eternal rewards are better.

But so often, i just want my reward here. i want to be noticed for what i have done. If something is my idea, my heart craves the credit.

It’s so weird, something within me telling me to yell it out- ME. and Something else calmly telling me to say not a thing.

but when someone says” “i heard this some where, i can’t remember who said it…” and i know it was me who said it, what do i do? Oh, i want that attention.


Pride hits many forms.

Sometimes i hear people complain, and i want to tell them, they need to work on their own attitude, but then, i wonder if i’m just being prideful again… but then, it’s probably pride why i don’t speak up and confront…

Isn’t it so easy for us to see other people’s mistakes, and not think about how we need to change/grow?


And how about asking for forgiveness? Sometimes i feel like the only person who messes up. And i ahte admitting it anymore.

So, then i withdraw, i avoid situations, people- pride again.

Oh pride, so much in me…


2 thoughts on “On pride

  1. 1. i know how you are feeling2. question: how did you know where God was leading you? was it pretty concrete for you –OR– did you simply GO, knowing that He would use you no matter where you were?

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