the one with V for Vendetta

We watched V for Vendetta last month, if you haven’t seen it, stop reading this post, …perhaps, go watch the movie


If you have, then read on.


There are a lot of things that come out of it. You could wonder how much the American government uses fear or propaganda to promote their agenda.

Or you could wonder how easy it would be for people fall to the trap of the government. Or perhaps, if anything could make Natalie Portman look bad? i don’t think so.


but here was the part that i thought about.


V takes Evie and puts her through torture to teach her not to fear.


i asked the question how you would feel about that person if they did that to you.


As i watched it, it made me think it was a picture of God.


He doesn’t take joy in our suffering, but He continues to put us thru suffering in order to refine us, to make us stronger, to give us His passion & heart, to see what is most important and meaningful.


How does that make you feel about God that He would purpose & cause suffering in your life?


3 thoughts on “the one with V for Vendetta

  1. in the moment i get angry.
    After i may see it as good, but i still don’t like it.
    So, maybe my problem isn’t so much believing God is good as much as that God is wise in His dealings with me.
    It does give me perspective though.
    God may do something, but not necessarily like doing it. i suppose like crucifying His son. He took pleasure in it, yet also was greived by it.

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