The exception

In our society we have come to value the exception. And i am
no exception to this thinking.

i believe i am entitled to the exception, especially if it
was given to someone else. We believe the exception is the rule, and not vice

Rules mean nothing to us these days, b/c exceptions are
always given. i love giving exceptions, and i hate making rules, i like to
think of them as guidelines… kinda like pirate code.

This affects us in our work, in our relationships with others-
especially authority, and thus in our relationship with God.

Ben & i were talking about it- and he made the key
point- it’s b/c we feel like we have rights. We feel like we are owed. Not
privilege, but right.

But in reality, we have no rights. The only thing we are
owed is hell.

See, often we feel like we should have the right to do
whatever we want. And we feel like God owes us a good life and answered prayer.

i mean, maybe that has to do with the fact that he says he
will give us anything we ask for.  but
still, God does not owe us anything.

When we pray, we are not the master telling the servant what
to do. We are the servant pleading God to act on our behalf.

i think we have gotten those mixed up somewhere.

society has come to reject authority or not trust authority, to question
authority. This isn’t all bad, but it certainly is not good.


One thought on “The exception

  1. Excellent. Yes, whatever happened to that sense of privilege? Being spoiled and forgetting past sacrifices – when will we learn? An apt entry for the month filled with remembrance and gratitude – Veteran’s Day, Election Day, Thanksgiving.
    Keep spreading the truth! An encouraging entry – so “real”. Thanks for that.

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