My dilemma

Michigan or Ohio st

i used to cheer for both teams, most of the time. Big ten

then i went to Michigan on staff. The students and fans are
so, so arrogant!. i love my friends from U of M, but i hate Michigan football.

They could never admit they lost or another team played a
good game.

i went to the UM vs Ohio st game in Tressels first year i
think. Sat next to Mellquist and Josh Jones and ardle, rooted for Ohio st, i

And Since Josh had an O painted on his bald head- it was a
target for marshmallows- i was angry.

Really Ohio st fans aren’t much better. and after losing in
the Costa bracket, i am considering rooting for UofM out of spite.

This year has been different. i want them both to win. they
don’t play Purdue, and Purdue sucks anyway.

Mostly, i’m not around Michigan or Ohio st fans.

Plus, it further gives reason for a playoff.

i’m looking forward to watching the game in the middle of
the night.

but, who do i root for?

It’s more fun to watch a game rooting for someone.

i have a M flag, that could be fun to wave around.

Won’t it be sad for Michigan to win the national
championship though, the year the Niemans and superfans Hannich and Anderson
left UofM?

Maybe i’ll root for one team this weekend, and the other one in the rematch

will finish with 9 wins though. Go Boilers!


13 thoughts on “My dilemma

  1. Cheer for Michigan! Just because. But also isn’t it true that if Ohio loses there will be more chance for a rematch in the bowl game then the other way around? Another reason to root for Michigan is their colors are better.
    By the way, it sounds like a fun new game, throw the marshmellow at the bald head. It seems fun, sorry if your friend didn’t enjoy it, though. Who brings marshmellows to a game anyway?

  2. mookie. come on. don’t act like you don’t know who you’re going to root for.  it’s ohio state!  anyway- i’m excited to watch the game in the middle of the night. those are my peak hours. haha 🙂

  3. Two things:1)The marshmallows stopped coming to Michigan games when they installed the turf.  The field gets so hot in the sun that marshmallows would melt in the turf and create some pretty serious problems.
    2)Michigan fans are a bit arrogant, but they don’t have the (well-earned) violent and/or abusive reputation of Ohio State fans (demonstrated by the A.D.’s public apology after last year’s Texas game).  Pick your poison.

  4. This shouldn’t even BE an issue, but I’ll give you 11 reasons why you should go for Michigan.1. The lovely Nieman family loves Michigan, of course! (hey that’s 12 reasons right there. actually 13.)2. Odds are, if you meet a Michigan fan, they’re a lot less likely to be a “jump-on-the-bandwagon-sports-fan” than an OSU fan. A lot of OSU fans become jaded or people go for the consistantly “good” team.3. Yeah, Jeremy, Brad, Dan, etc. are all U of M grads and die-hard fans. :)4. What’s so cool about a nut, anyways?5. Gray is an ugly color. In fact, it’s not even a color, it is what’s considered a “value”.6. You were on staff at U of M and not OSU. My parents have been on staff at both, but that’s obviously different because they both went to U of M and were raised Michigan fans.7. OSU’s schedule wasn’t that satisfying for how they’re ranked, in my oppinion.8. Who are you watching the game with?9. What are your connections with OSU other than simply knowing people who are OSU fans?10. What are your connections with Michigan other than simply knowing people who are Michigan fans? Oh let’s see… 1. Being on staff there…11. The Buckeye mascott looks like the 1930’s Mcdonald’s hamburger kid. Or the Pillsberry Dough-boy. Your pick.I forbid you to flip-flop rooting for teams like that. It’s disgusting, and very very wrong.Hail to the Victors, Mookie. 🙂 Please

  5. Good times mookie. that was a memorable game. I skipped Jeff Ammons wedding to see the scarlet and gray destroy michigan that day. I had to throw away the pants that I wore to that game. they were ruined from all the marshmallows that those dang michigan fans had smashed into them.

  6. Mookie, given your fantasy baseball and fantasy football teams’ losing streaks, I’d invite you to not ‘buck’ the trend and root for Ohio State, losing as you root for them!  _Michigan Fan Denisov (and you’re old roomie)

  7. how about you skip it and just watch the iu vs pu game?  i’m thinking about wearing a shirt at staff conf saturday that says i love IU on the front and the back list all the other big ten schools except OSU & U of M because of my dislike for the attitudes and interactions on this particular day of the year.   wish you could be there with us!   like the goodies???

  8. Dennis is right, so is Cindy.i generally have hated this game, but it is such a big game this year…after reading Dennis’ comments i am filled with rage. Why do the teams i root for suck?For fantasy football i had Clinton Portis and Larry Fitzgerald this year- both hurt for majority of the season- last year i took Deuce McCallister… one of my other leagues i took Steve Smith… regradless each week i would have the 4th highest total of points among ten team…. and lose every week! What are the chances of that?baseball is really my sport, but no matter what i would do, Dennis still beat me…in real baseball… i was a huge Yankees fan for years, then Mattingly retired, and i didn’t care as much- then they win like 4 world series… the two other teams i root for are the Astros and the White Sox. Every year they would just miss it, then i leave the country and they both make the world series.The Phoenix suns? more of the sameAnd then of course you have PURDUE.For like 5 years the would get a #1,2 or 3 seed- only to lose in the 2nd rd! They did have a streak of sweet 16’s, but those were years they could have been final four teams. They could win the big ten, but nothing else…Then the football team got good. Last year was supposed to be the year, with their cake schedule- they didn’t even make a bowl game. Two years ago they made it all the way to #5, then choked. They could have legitimately been undefeated, losing every game- 5 in total- by less than a TD, 4 of which they lost in the last 2 minutes of the game- 3 of which they could have won anyway if they didn’t miss easy fg’s, passes in their hands etc.i guess they did win a women’s championship- woopdy-doo! We did throw a party out on the street though.So i had chosen a team to root for, but now i’m afraid they’ll lose…

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