The thing about living in East Asia

Dad has me here. i enjoy it for the most part. It’s an adventure and fun.

i think He has me for a few more years too. Before the stint year began and the first couple months, i was pretty convinced i would be coming back to the states… but… the Lord began to reveal how my reasoning was based on fears, not His voice.

Yes, i felt like i could be more effective in the states, and have more passion in min- no lie. But the fear was my worth came from effectiveness, not in Him. i was- still am- afraid of having to make all new friends again next year or even a hard team situation. Afraid of being single all my life. Afraid of losing friends, afraid i won’t get to share more with my non-Christian friends…

i felt He was leading me back, and basically decided to follow Him He confirmed things in His Word- Acts 18- that He would be with me, He would lead me and give me timely words to direct me and didn’t need to be afraid- even if the work was hard or frustrating not to give up (and surely it was for Paul in Corinth). He spoke.

i say i’m 90% coming back, i have started recruiting people to come here- you should come- and i am looking forward to next year and beyond.

And since then, some amazing things have happened. Guys started getting involved and committed, people have been coming to Christ, leaders are rising up- it is an amazing thing! God actually is at work here! And this is a place to be to see something.


This place feels normal. even if we walk everywhere.

Still, it can be crazy to be here.

The power was out for 11 hours today- no internet, no tv, no heat- and it’s cold… and it goes out once a week

i just finished hanging my clothes to dry. When they dry they’ll be hard and may not smell that good.

And quite frankly i have gotten tired of the food.
i feel like i eat the same thing every single day- and it’s because i do. i try to think of something new to order, but it’s the same thing.
i am longing for a good burger… or at least McDonalds or Arbys or taco bell or pizza hut ( my roommate said he’d kill for a pizza hut).

It’s still hard to communicate sometimes- though sharing the G in another language with the taxi driver this evening was fun.

but seriously, will i ever learn this language. i see a character and think i should know it, but i have no clue. i feel i study a list of 40 words for ten hours a week and remember 4 of them.

i’m living an adventure, something i never thought i would do when i was younger, something i dreamed about when i got a little older… truly God uses the weak things, the foolish things of this world

Even with all the mafan, it is well worth it! Come, join us!


7 thoughts on “The thing about living in East Asia

  1. what are you talking about? i LOVE when the power is out for an entire day. and eating the same thing every meal. and i dont know what you’re talking about but i’m fluent. lol. just kidding. i like this post. and i like hearing about what Dad’s telling you about coming back.

  2. Did you know vinegar is a natural softening agent in the wash? I don’t know exactly how to use it, but you could google it, it might help.
    We missed you boys last weekend. You and Ben should have your own men’s retreat and then you could have some Pizza hut. If you come after we leave, you are welcome to stay at our place.
    Glad to hear God is guiding you and we are excited to know you’ll be around in the future!

  3. aghhh! mookie – my roommate and i are going to osaka (unless something else happens) during that weekend 16-20th; can your break be extended at all or do you think you could come any other time? i’m here until may so let me know. it would be awesome to have u visit! another option is for you to meet us in osaka (we are thinking about going to kyoto as well) 🙂 let me know…and my uiuc account has been inactive for well over 4 yearas now. e-mail me at

  4. mookie, i, too, rather enjoyed this post. i know so much of this process you’ve gone through in deciding to come back, (90% at least). i, for now, am planning on coming back long term, too. there’s just something about it here.

  5. wow moookie.  that’s awesome.  Dad has done a lot of working on your heart since we came back last summer.  and what an encouragement to see the evidence of His work there!

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