the one during lunch

This was an actual conversation a couple weeks ago.


Mookie: “Thanks Dad for this food., and may it be good”


Christine, Julie, Ben: “Holla”


Steph: “And may it give us good poops”


Me: “… ok, I’m done.”


Steph: “Oh whatever, everybody poops!”


Me: “I know, I have the book. It’s not that we’re talking about this, it’s b/c we just started eating… the funny thing is, not that we’re having this conversation, but that I didn’t start it.”


Ben: “Every time I hear everybody poops, I think of the song ‘Everybody hurts’”


Everyone else: “Everybody pooooops…. Sometimes!”


Steph: “And sometimes every other day, if not every day…”


Me: “every other day?”


Steph: “Yeah, it’s good for you.”

Me: “but I think I poop every day- even more often here!”


Steph: “really?”


Ben: “Yeah, I think I have like 2-3 little poops a day”


Steph: “Oh, I don’t think I ever have any little poops”



 Just a typical conversation on STINT… another reason to: Come, and help change the world




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