My movie reviews

There’s not much to do here, so we watch a lot of movies… here are some short reviews

My movie reviews


  1. Curious george
    cute, fun, funny
  2. Million Dollar baby
    one of the best acted, best written, best directed movies I’ve ever seen- just a bit too sad
  3. V for Vendetta
    A lot of action, entriguing story


  1. Click
    So, I guess I’m still immature, b/c I found this movie hilarious, but not as sad as people had said
  2. The Departed
    incredible acting, the girls didn’t like it, but I did
  3. the rundown
    fun- who doesn’t like the Rock- it is a rock-type movie


  1. the Sentinal
    Keifer’s in it, it’s his type of movie
  2. Moulin Rouge
    great music, good acting
  3. the Aviator
    long, but keeps you interested- I’m becoming a Leo fan
  4. save the last dance
    kinda predictable, but still good


  1. The Davinci Code
    great acting- you believed, captivating story, kept you guessing- but the story itself…
  2. Last of the Mohecans
    good story of courage and honor
  3. John Q
    keeps you interested, and creates an interesting discussion
  4. fun with dick & jane
    not much to it, but entertaining enough
  5. insomnia
    for all the actors and director, it wasn’t all that great
  6. drumline
    the story wasn’t developed, but fun enough
  7. the break-up
    some laughs, not enough Jason Bateman, but kinda annoying more than entertaining
  8. Charlie and the chocolate factory
    strange, but good.
  9. She’s the man
    Amanda bynes can be annoying, but also makes for a fun movie
  10. My super ex-gf
    cheesy- as to be expected I guess


  1. Cold Mountain
    Renee Zelwegger gives an incredible performance, but the movie is too long
  2. Saved
    I didn’t think it was funny, but it was an interesting editorial on Christianity
  3. contact
    some interesting stuff about science and faith- but the story wasn’t developed…
  4. cars
    nothing spectacular
  5. A River runs thru it
    kind of pointless and slow



  1. Pink Panther
    only watched it b/c i was on the plane- better than i expected, but still too cheesy
  2. regarding Henry
    again too predicatble & too cheesy


  1. RV
    not all that funny
  2. Rat race
    didn’t get into it
  3. Black hawk down
    couldn’t get into it- there was like nothing to cheer about…
  4. Nacho Libre
    stupid, not that funny- had its moments, but maybe like Napolean i’ll need to watch it several more times to find it funny


5 thoughts on “My movie reviews

  1. i die laughing when i watch rat race… and i watched black hawk down by myself and ended up sobbing, literally loud sobs.  i probably needed to cry or something. 

  2. im sad that the departed got a better grade than save the last dance. and rat race a D-? *sigh* at least curious george got an A. i agree with ya there 🙂 

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