the one with movies about faith

In the last couple weeks I have watched “Contact” “The Davinci Code” and “Saved”


One shows Faith and Science in contradiction. Another talks of faith as something that helps, even if it isn’t true. And a third shows the hypocrisy of Christianity.


Is this what we portray to the world?


I liked how contact ended- that we are all on a search for truth.


Saved was an interesting editorial, it was right on. Many Christians don’t know how to be real, and in reality are only using Christianity to feel good about themselves and get what they want.


Some people get so obsessed with “saving someone” that they don’t really care about them- they just want the tally mark. They don’t really understand people, and make no attempts to.

Christians attempt to make God hip. To show the world how cool we can be.


Are we God’s marketing agent? Do we need to help Him?


Or maybe the problem is- we want to be cool and accepted… yet, we don’t really want to accept anyone else.


For the most part Christians tend to come across as fake- most likely b/c most are. They don’t admit they have problems, and when there are problems- they pretend they don’t exist, come up with some cliché saying or ship someone away and avoid it altogether.


The movie shows how Christians and non aren’t much different at all.


It made me think of the time I went to a Muslim awareness meeting- and they had 3 people share their testimony of why they are muslim- it sounded eerily similar to what I hear Christians say.


What ought to distinguish us?


Faith is all over the place- perhaps people mocking it, but i think faith is something people are curious about… and the Lord has set eternity in our hearts… How can we steer people to Christ effectively and accurately?


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