My wish list

Hey, there is week until Christmas- if you want to send me something, you better send it soon! (I or my parents can send you my address if you don’t have it J) 


I told my team the top two things on my list are more time, and a girlfriend. But since both of those may be impossible to obtain… I gave a list that included cheese, a bread-maker, poptarts, and music amongst other things…


Christine came up with a pretty good list… but here is my wishlist for DAD.

  1. more time
  2. girl-friend
  3. get all the stuff off of my fried Hard-drive- or at least the pictures
  4. a McDonalds or pizza hut in our city
  5. a team of 12 next year
  6. an NS
  7. a phone call from a friend in America
  8. my friends (in America) come to Christ/grow in Christ
  9. a package
  10. a couple T guys come to Christ
  11. be able to watch March Maddness and the bowl games
  12. a perfect back


of course, there are the faith goals we set at the beginning of the year


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