My life as a tv show

I feel like my life would make an interesting tv show.


I don’t think there have been any shows that accurately portray Christians or Indians… so why not a show about me.

You know the complexities of being a missionary… on a college campus would be fun… or in another country would be entriguing… and the ordeals of being single…


I thought my life in college would have been a good sitcom… but I wouldn’t have been the star of that show… it would have been my roommates – the brothers bettag- they had the women triangles going… another friend : Dowd would have been the name actor with a small role… my friend Al would be the token black guy, our friend Justin would be the villain (every good show has a villain)… VanFossen would be the really random funny guy… Sol the fun, fat guy and I would be the religious guy or the nice guy people like, but don’t love…


Of course these days, I have new friends every year, but we still have good fun around here… and a life that would make for a good 1 hour drama.


4 thoughts on “My life as a tv show

  1. i have often thought about how life here would make an amazing sitcom. let’s work on getting that written. i mean, it’s as good of an idea as a show about nothing. all we need is good writing. i think you can handle that.

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