My legacy

I’d like to be known like John- the one Jesus loves.

I love that- my identity not wrapped up in me at all- but in Christ’s love for me…

I’d like to be known/remembered as one who loves God and loves people

One who is passionate for God, His Word, His glory, His kingdom…

A man of joy, a man of faith, a man of the Word, a man of prayer, a man of God… a MAN

Someone you could count on. Someone you trusted. Someone you ran to.


But though some people may feel some of those things sometimes- I doubt it is my legacy…


Back in highschool I was the quiet guy
I mean, the really quiet guy.
In Jr High my History Teacher offered an automatic A to anyone who could say what my voice sounded like- no one could…
My first couple years of college I was the guy who played basketball and worked out all the time. My dorm room was my second home because I spent more time at the Co-rec

Now, this is the sense I get…


  1. He had a great laugh
    you don’t know how many times I get complimented on my laugh. I don’t really know what to say to that. I guess my laugh is distinct, recognizable, and impossible to duplicate.
    Plus I laugh a lot- A LOT!
    I think I get confused for being funny b/c I laugh so much. I have had two friends : Matt Bong and Will Story – two of the funniest people I have ever met, say I am one of the funniest people they know… but, it’s probably b/c around them I laugh a lot, so people have fun…

    At his wedding rehearsal Scott Luczywo said “if you hear a group of people laughing, mookie is probably there.”  I think because I am laughing… or maybe people are laughing at me

  2. the single-staff guy
    I guess I kinda perpetuated this one, when I took the email address:
    but it started in college as being the perpetual single guy
    One day during lunch I was telling people how some kid called me Afghanistan man in Jr High. Someone said “Sounds like a super hero, what is your super power?”
    Chad Lesnet piped up without missing a beat “He can repel women from miles away!”
    As I was becoming comfortable with my singleness, I went along with it- and it became perhaps my biggest legacy. All the guys would joke how I could drive girls away or how girls avoided me.
    Later I said this was because all the girls were intimidated by me… whatever the case- I was the single guy. Even if I was seen with a girl, no one one would believe it.

    One night a couple people were talking to me “We were trying to get ahold of you, but you were out. Someone said ‘maybe he’s out on a date!’ We all had a good laugh!!!”
    I was on a date…

    Even when people saw Erica and I together, no rumors swirled about us- like it did for anyone else when they were seen just talking to each other…

  3. the safe guy
    This goes with the last one I guess… but this came more after I came on staff… see, I am pretty convinced in college I could have dated a lot of girls, I just didn’t realize it. I was mysterious.

    but then on stint I became friends with girls, and I didn’t want to be one of those guys who was a jerk to girls… so on stint and then on staff I started treating girls like a friend- which they all say they want. But you know where it got me? Not nowhere… it made me THE safe guy!

    My first real Staff conference, Ardle came up to me and said “I see you have been talking with a lot of girls”
    I responded “Yeah, but it’s not good.”
    ”What? Why?”
    ” It’s not gonna stick… I think I’m becoming a safe guy”
    ”What?… Oh wait, I think I know what you mean… you don’t want to be a safe guy.”
    ”I KNOW!!!!”
    The conversation continued for a while… and then I relayed the info back to my roommate Dennis Leskowski when I came back
    ”I’m the safe guy- you know, the good friend, the brother, the ethnic minority, the nice guy you’ll never date”
    Dennis: “Oh yeah… you’re like the gay guy!”
    Me: “uh” Dennis: “No, the gay guy. I like the gay guy!”

    Then there was CSU when Cindy T (As a compliment) said something about me being a safe guy… it was like a dagger in the heart!

    And last night, we were playing “Honey, I love you but I just can’t smile”
    Daniella was trying to explain & demonstrate the game… “Who can I do this with… Mookie is safe” And Buehler just looked at me, laughed and said “safe guy”

    Maybe this is my lasting legacy… maybe I should start ignoring girls, stop giving hugs, not sit by girls, be a jerk, and then a girl wouldn’t be so surprised when I ask them out… or turn me down though they wish I would ask out their best friend…

  4. the soul patch
    I have shaved it off only once in the last 11 years… I grew out it b/c of Kevin Smith of dc Talk… and I like it- it is the one physical feature you can count on with me. My weight may fluxuate, different hairstyles and hair colors, and different sideburn lengths, etc… but the soul patch is there to stay.

    Once at Purdue, Rex Fisher put a gummy bear under his mouth and said “Look, I got a mookie!”
    I barely knew Rex, but he called the soul patch a mookie

    John Wisley asked me “Do people look at you funny or are the wierder people than you in your classes?” And 6 years later he told me I needed to shave it off when I came back here.

    Lisa Niemen called it a creature or that irritating lip thing

    I grew it out once at Ben Kurtz’ prompting and the wildwood clan… I began to put it in my mouth and people thought it looked like I was eating a rat… once at Christmas conference, some girl from another school came up to me with a video camera and asked me to do it for a video- she heard about it from a student in the movement I barely knew…

    When people see a soul patch, many think of mookie…

  5. He likes talking about poop
    Hey, I admit, I think it is entertaining, but also anyone can relate to it!
    Tara Shennefield said the first thing she remembered me saying was “Do you fold or crumble?” I got the question from Wendy Eaton… I thought it was a good ice-breaker…

    I sang the squatty potty song on every international summer project I’ve done after Will and Paul wrote and performed it while I was on stint

    I write about poop every now and then on here, but I guess people feel like every other post is about poop.

    Most of the time, I’m not the one who brings it up in discussion… but I bought the book: “everybody poops” It’s true. We all do.
  6. “Mookie: everybody’s friend”
    This was a quote by Tiff Robbins. And is another legacy of mine- a good one I think.
    During my first stint year in 99 I was complimented that I was friends with all the guys- even though they were all so different. And my senior year when I lived with Mark & Jon- people were surprised- they could see Jon & I getting along and Mark & I getting along- but the two of them were so different.
    I guess I have the capabilities to be both very, very silly and very, very serious.
    And since I am Indian, it don’t matter if they are black, white, asian, Hispanic, Indian- everyone feels comfortable around me.

    I truly try to treat everyone like a best friend. And expect nothing in return. It is kinda draining sometimes. I feel like I give a lot to people and don’t get much in return. But then again, I realize how little I give and try to give more of myself to people all the time. I know I can’t be everyone’s best friend, but I want to treat them like my best friend while I am with them!
    And so, I may not have a best friend… or a single group of friends, but I have a lot of great friends

  7. The mess
    It only takes a couple hours it seems for my desk to become a mess after I clean it. It bothers even me. My desk, my bed, my room. I try to keep the main rooms clean, but I slack in my room. I try to clean up, but I have too much to do, and it just seems hopeless sometimes…

    More than my room, it’s my hair, my appearance… and i’d say my life…

  8. a guy who prays
    I may be losing this label… but as I was the guy who started so many prayer meetings at Purdue, and challenged my staff team in prayer- I may always be remembered as a prayer warrior.
    And I still pray, I pray a lot, though it looks different now. I don’t look at prayer as a formula, and I keep prayers simple and real.
    But I will still be praying all the time, when you don’t realize it, calling others to pray, and praying big- expecting God to answer

  9. a slacker
    I think I am a pretty hard-worker. But I have a job where I wear blue jeans and I can sleep in now and then. I guess it’s not realized that I am often working in the middle of the night and the middle of the day. I put a priority on people and not tasks. I put priority on relationships and not knowledge.
    I skipped a ton of classes in college. And I kinda like the idea of being a slacker like on office space. But I never really live out the dream.
    Nonetheless, many will think of me and remember me as a slacker

  10. world-traveler
    How this happened I’ll never know- ok it was God.
    I don’t like traveling, I was a picky-eater, and horrible at language.
    Still, I have been to so many places, so many times… And looking at going more places!

  11. my love for white castle
    this is perhaps here simply because so many others hate this place, but i love it- and so do many of my friends

  12. asks so many questions.
    i like questions, and i have many. my favorite is “why.” Many hate that i ask, but i just want to know.
    i usually answer questions with a question, and even when i do give an answer, it raises more questions…

    A couple years ago i went to talk to a frosh, and a few minutes in he just started laughing. He told me “Kelvin( his discipler, who i discipled), told me you would ask a lot of questions.”

    And i’ll probably end this post with more questions…

And many of you just think I write a lot.


Anything I’m missing?
cracking passwords & changing people’s stuff?
not having any rhythm?
singing Father Abraham or other ridiculous songs in public places?
my love for Purdue?
my love for seinfeld or the simpsons?


It makes me think- what has determined my legacy. What can I change? What do I want to change? What do I want to build on? How can I change? How can I make a lasting legacy that will honor & glorify God, that I will be happy with at the end of my life?


What is your legacy?




One thought on “My legacy

  1. Is that a  rhetorical question or can we answer?
    I’d like to be able to say it was something spiritual, but unfortunately it’s probably the quiet never been kissed UK fan who dressed up in costume a lot and got 8 people hooked on Alias.  That’s what I seem to be known for.

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