Well, last night i was talking with Shunta- and since i am sucker for anything a girl tells me to do- as well as for anything anyone from America who actually talks to me. i am going to submit this post…

She assured me it wouldn’t be any worse than anything else i post- i’m not sure what that means… Are my posts that bad?

Opening Credits: Love to love you            ~ Rebecca St James
(i am embarrassed that she showed up anywhere on this list- in my defense, i don’t think i’ve ever listened to this song…)

Waking Up:
City of sorrows            ~ Fernando Ortega
(This is what i wake up to? i think waking up, and i think of Marty McFly waking up to “the power of love” or “back in time” by Hewie Lewis. It sets the tone… i guess my life is sad, so i suppose it works)

First Day At School: Petrified heart  ~ Caedmon’s Call

( i was pretty petrified when i showed up to school- but this has a different meaning…)

Falling In Love:
I miss you                     ~ shane & shane
(huh? i’ve missed falling in love?)

Fight Song: On top                   ~ the killers
( i love the killers, though this isn’t one of my favorites… but i end up on top- ok).

Breaking Up: Wanna be loved            ~ dc Talk
(even after i break up).

Prom: Why Go               ~ Pearl Jam
(yeah, that was my attitude- i didn’t go).

Life’s Ok:
Daughters                     ~ John Mayer
( i like this song- it doens’t seem to go with my life though).


Mental Breakdown: Bad days                       ~ the flaming lips

(the title seems to work, but i’ve never listened to the song- i only have it b/c of the batman soundtrack which i bought for u2 and the offspring and despite Seal).

Thy Mercy                ~ Caedmon’s call
(i love Caedmon’s call- not the song i listen to when i’m driving).

Flashback: Psalm 13 ~ Shane & shane
(so when i look back on my life, i see how sucky it has been, and resolve to trust in the Lord- yeah that happens sometimes… but most of the time flashbacks are happy!).

Getting Back Together: sing to Jesus ~ Fernando Ortega
(YAY Jesus!).

Birth of Child: God of Wonders ~ Caedmon’s call
(yeah, i guess it is a wonderful thing).

Wedding: Breath ~ pearl Jam

(the old “mookie blaylocks” playing during a wedding?)

Final Battle: Get off this ~ Cracker
(i love this song)

Death Scene:  A flowery song ~ FIF
(dying and praising the Lord- a happy death)

Funeral Song:  Obsession ~ DC Band
(my self-made soundtrack would have a ton of David Crowder, but maybe not this one).

End Credits:  Trouble in Here ~ Howie Day
(really, i end with this? what a sucky life).


Since i’m talking about music…  and since it takes 2 hours for a new weblog entry editor page to open- 2 posts for the price of one…


Best songs of 2006 (not necessarily new, just ones that were played a lot by me).


  1. The answer                        ~ Shane & Shane
  2. How to save a life              ~ the fray
  3. wholly yours                      ~ David Crowder band
  4. Upside down                      ~ Jack Johnson
  5. You’re everything               ~ David Crowder band
  6. Nobody’s home                   ~ Avril
  7. Basketcase                         ~ green day
  8. I’m not alright                    ~ Sanctus Real
  9. Revolutionary love              ~ DC Band
  10. Together                            ~ Avril
  11. Don’t Panic                         ~ Coldplay
  12. Blessed be Your name          ~ Matt Redman
  13. world’s apart                      ~ Jars of Clay
  14. Everything                         ~ alanis
  15. Casmir Pulaski day              ~ Sufjan Stevens
  16. God of creation                  ~ DC band
  17. every day                          ~Jessie Daniels
  18. Unwritten                          ~ Natasha Beddingfeld
  19. Dead man                           ~ Jars of Clay
  20. Psalm 13                            ~ Shane & Shane
  21. I wish I felt nothing          ~ the wallflowers
  22. worthy                              ~ Matt Redman
  23. Intoxicating                      ~ DC Band
  24. You’re beautiful                 ~ James Blunt
  25. Beautiful love                    ~ the afters
  26. my Savior, my god              ~ Aaron Shust
  27. talk                                  ~ coldplay
  28. Laughing out loud               ~ wallflowers
  29. In the rough                      ~ Anna Nalick
  30. Is it any wonder                ~ Keane
  31. people-watching                 ~ Jack Johnson
  32. Square One                       ~ coldplay
  33. Mission’s flame                  ~ Matt Redman
  34. New Slang                        ~ the shins
  35. nobody’s fool                     ~ Avril
  36. such great heights              ~ Iron & wine
  37. Cable car                          ~ the fray
  38. lay it down                        ~ Matchbox 20
  39. could I be you                   ~ Matchbox 20
  40. wordplay                           ~ Jason Mraz
  41. Jackson                            ~ Johnny Cash
  42. fool for you                      ~ Nichole Norderman
  43. How Great is Our God        ~ Chris Tomlin
  44. open skies                         ~ DC band
  45. Disappear                         ~ Jars of Clay
  46. broken                             ~ Jack Johnson
  47. speed of sound                  ~ coldplay
  48. High                                 ~ James Blunt
  49. someday                           ~ the afters
  50. Everything you got               ~ the rocket summer
  51. stolen                               ~ dashboard
  52. Move along                      ~ All-american rejects
  53. Exodus                            ~ Bethany Dillon
  54. hallelujah                         ~ Bethany dillon
  55. the face of love               ~ Sanctus Real
  56. Holy                                 ~ nichole Nordemann
  57. until the world           ~ the afters
  58. I need you to love me          ~ Barlow girl
  59. Crazy                               ~ Gnarles Barkley
  60. the space between                ~ DMB
  61. Unashamed love              ~ Ten shekel shirt
  62. crooked teeth            ~ death cab
  63. Collide                            ~ Howie Day
  64. wrong-turn                      ~ Jack Johnson
  65. As lovers go                          ~ dashboard
  66. Never alone                      ~ Barlow girl
  67. What Sarah Said             ~ death cab
  68. daughters                         ~ John Mayer
  69. trouble is                         ~ Jars
  70. for you I will              ~ Teddy Geiger
  71. winding road                     ~ bonnie Summerville
  72. Sunny Days                      ~ Jars of Clay
  73. holiday                            ~ green day
  74. Somewhere North           ~ Caedmon’s Call
  75. My Hope                      ~ DC Band
  76. Jealous Kind                     ~ Jars
  77. geek in pink                       ~ Jason Mraz
  78. the secret’s in the telling          ~ dashboard
  79. salvation, passion, glory          ~ the dismas
  80. something’s missing          ~ John Mayer
  81. Take me away            ~ Avril
  82. the world to change          ~ john Mayer
  83. I can’t do this              ~ plumb
  84. you & me                          ~ lifehouse
  85. sleep all day                        ~ Jason Mraz
  86. strong enough                    ~ Sheryl Crow
  87. One                                  ~ u2
  88. the man of metropolis…          ~ Sufjan Stevens
  89. This Mystery                ~ Nichole Nordemann
  90. Boulevard of broken dreams ~ green day
  91. walk away                      ~ Kelly Clarkson
  92. Good bye my lover            ~ James Blunt
  93. everything you wanted          ~ Hawk Nelson
  94. bad day                        ~ Daniel Powter
  95. ?                                      ~ goo goo dolls
  96. dirty little secret           ~ all American rejects
  97. Reason to believe                  ~ dashboard
  98. the noise                     ~ Jessie Daniels
  99. Thank You                        ~ Alanis
  100. sitting, waiting, wishing          ~ Jack Johnson


5 thoughts on “

  1. yay!! you posted it!!  great chatting today.  the “it won’t be any worse” comment… was regarding the amount of time it’d take for the page to load.  i.e… it won’t take any more time to load than any of your other posts.  you know we all love reading your blog, mookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I see a lot of MR. A-Z on your list. I too enjoy the ramblings of the Wizard of oohs and ahhs (Oz?) and falalas. We’ve been out of town for 2 weeks, just got your message 10 minutes ago. I’ll call you sometime this week.

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