So, we did get the game here. It was amazing, i couldn’t believe it. I started half way into the 2nd quarter. The 2nd half wasn’t the most exciting, but it was still football! i felt bad for the Fertigs though…

i’m not surprised Florida won that game… i was shocked however by the total dominance… i’m happy for Chris Leak, sad for the big 10… now how about that Purdue basketball team?

For the most part, things went right today. We got the game, i got a place to stay in CD on thursday, no flu symptoms or body aches, my guys came over- and went thru 2 follow-ups, i was able to get pictures taken for my passport, i bought a slingshot, internet was working quickly… then…. the washing machine just went thru the wash cycle like 3 times before i realized what happened…. then the rinse cycle twice… gosh… then the internet got slow again… and my violent cough came back… and i still can’t taste anything…

So when things don’t go right, i find myself turning on the PS2, or turning on a tv show(via DVD), or turning over in bed – rather than turning to God. i am so pathetic.

ah, life.

And life walking with God…

it’s all just… weird… crazy… something…

My last class tomorrow- not looking forward to going to class again- very much looking forward to classes being done!



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