the thing about being a nice guy

i think i’m a nice guy. The problem is if you’re normally nice, then there is no room for error.
If you’re a jerk or don’t really care, then people know you don’t care. People excuse you b/c it’s just the way you are.
But a person like me- it’s not the way i am, and so, it’s noticed.
i have come to the conclusion that things i say or do that offend people, would not be offensive coming from someone else- and that sucks. i am now held to a higher standard.
There are two options- be a jerk, and have people say “oh, it’s just mookie” And then when i do something nice- everyone will notice and compliment me.
Or i could be a nice guy, do the right thing, and have it be expected of me, and get noticed when i mess up.
The former would be a lot more enjoyable. Life would be easier on my end. But the latter would be better for others- i think. Maybe i set people up for disappointment, i set the bar too high.
My problem is: i’m selfish, i hate disappointing people, i like my life to be pleasant. Yet, to love and serve others is what we’re called to do. i wish i could just do it cheerfully, wanting nothing in return and never mess up.


4 thoughts on “the thing about being a nice guy

  1. i think it’s neat the way you love and serve all of us here. and i mean neat like really great, encouraging, and appreciative.
    not like “that’s neat” from that snl skit 🙂

  2. Mookie, this post makes me miss you. You ARE a nice guy and I like that! I bet there are lots of “nice” gals down here in the MidSouth that would like that, too;) {See, this is what I love about Xanga and Facebook: I can still harass you about your relationship status from 1000’s of miles away!!!}Mookie, come home soon,Your pesky Aunt Lisa

  3. mookie, be the nice guy you are. everyone slips up, oh well. trust me, when i hear people talk about you its that you are nice, not about your slip ups. on the other hand, the jerks, which there are plently of, get called jerks all the time and when they are nice…well people sort of think of it as the office episode where dwight is normal and its because of a concussion. your a nice guy mookie, stick with it.

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