On the safest place on earth

Larry Crabb does it again!

This is actually an older book, but yes again, as i read it- i felt it. He is describing how i feel. He described my desires. He described my sinful habits. Larry Crabb is the man.
The Pressure’s Off
Shattered Dreams
The Silence of Adam
The Safest place on earth
Soul Talk

“Every Christian effort to think thru what it takes to personally change necessarily involves some level of confusion or disappointment…to actually change, especially with the help of people is at times confusing and disappointing.”

“we live in brokenness… we’re all struggling.”

“A spiritual battle is raging that will only be won with the help of community.”

“We’re a community of fixers… And we like to label each other’s problems… they give us a sense of control.”

“A spiritual community consists of people who have the integrity to come clean. It is comprised of those who own their shortcomings and failures…”

“the deepest part of me is not cowardly, it is loving, strong and good. It is the energy of Christ.”

“It is our weaknesses not our competence that moves others… our admitted failures, not our paraded successes.”

“We protect our wounds… We think we are protecting ourselves, when in fact we are preserving our wounds.”

“We are not our problems. We are not our wounds. We are not our sins. We are persons of radical worth & unrevealed beauty.”

“Brokenness is realizing He is all we have.
 Hope is realizing He is all we need.
 Joy is realizing He is all we want.”

There is something good in us. Christ lives within us. i think i myself i see the bad, and i try to cover it with good. This will not work. But allowing Christ’s life to shine thru- this will result in good things.
We need to see Him in ourselves, and we need to see Christ in others too.

And we really do need each other. i want to be a safe person, maybe not a “safe-guy” but i do want to create a safe environment and atmosphere.
Any suggestions on how to do this?


3 thoughts on “On the safest place on earth

  1. haha… you and your desire to not be the ‘safe guy.’ cracks me up.  you want to be dangerous.  : )
    looks like a good book.  the quotes are good, anyway.  maybe i should read it.  that’s the second time someone’s posted about a crabb book that’s looked like something i should check out.
    keep xanga updated on how the book’s going.  maybe i’ll just learn from what you’re learning instead of reading it.  : )

  2. 2Cor 3:16 – 2Cor 4:2 I think provides the “how to” on being a safe person and still remain a strong, desirable man as I assume that is what you mean by “safe-guy”.

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