My mafan

Mafan: troublesome, trouble, hassle

You can over hear this word a lot on STINT.

IT is the best word to describe everything to do with vacation this year.

less money or less mafan -i’d choose less mafan… but i didn’t

So, it started with getting the tickets- and notgetting tickets that were available 1 hour earlier…. it turned out ok though- b/c the new route may have been cheaper, and i got to see a friend, but a lot more mafan it will be.

Then our journey actually started.

We took a bus to a city a bit east of us. When they found out we were going to the airport- 70 km away from the city, they decided it would be best to drop us off – on the middle of the highway!

We walked 45minutes to an hour with backpacks down the side of the road trying toflag down a bus- about 5 stopped, but they wouldn’t let us on since they weren’t going to the airport- we just wanted to get closer, as it was another 20 km away.

Eventually a bus stopped and we made it there.

Then we flew close to the coast. We were staying at a cheap hotel int he middle of nowhere in the big city. i stayed there last year, it was cheap. But the taxi drivers didn’t know where it was. We got dropped off about a block and a ahlf away. i didn’t recognize where we were-b/c we were a block and a half away.

We asked someone for help. She was very sweet, she went with us, paid for our bus and everything. Except she took us in a big square- and we didn’t get to the hotel until an hour later.

The mess continued the next day as i took the bus to the hub of town. i got on a bus which i think would have taken me very near where i wanted to be- but not quite- so a girl on the bus took me off the bus and put me on another. Of course i had walk with her for ten minutes, and the new bus- very cheap, but very slow- it took me 1 1/2 hours to get to my destination in total- compared to 20 minutes by cabon the eway back. Though i did save a lot of money 50 cents vs $7

Lastly we flew into Thailand. It was a boring flight. Worst movie ever- even if it was in english. i got off the plane, took the bus to the terminal, walked up the stairsd, and realized i didn’t have my ticket. i ran downstairs, but they wouldn’t let me out, and i guess couldn’t contact anyone, but told me to go to the Bangkok air desk. Their desk happened to be all the way on the other side of the airport. i ran and ran, and when i finally got there= there was no one there. The only stand without a person.

i threw my water bottle against the wal, and walked back dejected.

When i called yesterday, they originally told me it would cost about $30 to replace each ticket- a total of $85.

They called back an hour later, and said it was twice the price!
This would be more money than the actual ticket!

Apparently, it is one lump sum- though i’m not sure. So to replace it could be $60, or maybe $180. If it’s 180, i’m just going to fly somewhere else. It will be cheaper.

Augh. all this certainly puts a downer on what should be a pretty happy time. Sometimes ihave felt like i don’t know want to do vacation at all- i hate traveling!

but at least we got to watch the Superr Bowl this mornig, a movie last night, and eat outback and ice cream… it’s all good… well, God is


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