the thing about people

Sometimes it feels like when i want- yea even need- peaople to help me, no one will. And then the people who do help, don’t really have the ability to help.

On our way here, we needed someone to stop and give us a ride to the airport… or a bus just to taker us a little farther… but no one would…

Then, it seemed many people tried to help me on the bus- but though they offered to help, they didn’t really know how to help me.

Sometimes, my experience with people makes me not trust people. They won’t help, or if they do, they’ll let me down. Or they are just trying to use me. If someone stops to hel[ me- the next thing they’ll do is ask for money or tell me to come to their shop.

This can affect me with my friends as well. i have too many experiences where people don’t seem to care, so i stop being vulnerable. Or people try to help me, when i just want to be; Or give me bad advice- and so i don’t share my problems.

The reality perhaps is that people are either inconsiderate or incompetant.

Yet, there are people who are friendly and trustworthy. And there are people who can really give help and direction.

As always, dealing with people is a tricky thing

ps. i got a moped today… don’t trust the roads anymore either..


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