On redemption

i’ve been thinking a lot about redemption recently… i was listening to the jars of clay song when this hit me…

i love stories of redemption. i’m always looking for redeeming qualities in a movie or even in life.

but often in these redemption stories, i want to see a person do something redeeming to make up for the past mistakes, he changes his ways.  alot of stories/movies have that y’know.

but really what is amazing about redemption is not how i redeem myself to make myself valuable, but how Jesus came down and made me valuable. i can’t do anything to redeem myself. And no one can.

Yet, i want people to redeem themselves. IF someone wrongs me or is a cheat, or if a culture has a lot of problems, i want them to do something to redeem themselves.

i think i need to learn to in a sense redeem people. i need to give people value when there is no value in them. i need to acredit them value when they feel no value. i need to love the unlovable.


Then i saw the movie the blood Diamond, and oh waht a picture of redemption by Dijmon Houston as father towards his child. Honestly, i think everyone should watch that movie just for that part of the story. i felt like i grew to appreciate God so much

He redeems us, He restores us, we are wicked and evil, yet loved and made good.



2 thoughts on “On redemption

  1. when martha and i were watching blood diamond and the scene came btw the father and son at the end, i leaned over and said, that’s totally going to be the movie clip for any talk given on our identity in Christ from now on :o) i love it.

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