Mookie in Thailand

i’m back in Bangkok, and back to many problems again. It felt like everytignt hat could go wrong went wrong today- but i decided i needed to trust God- He’sin control, He’s wise and He’s good. No need to worry.

As it turned out,i met some folks from CD tonight in the bookstore, and so i could have a place to stay if i go the embassy there… anyway, that was for me, not you.

Life is different in Thailand.
We act differently here.
We’re a lot more fun i feel. Billy is extroverted Billy… and so am i- well, extroverted mookie.

i think there is the people, there are the thigns to do at night, there is the good food and there is the sun and warm weather. Somehow we need to bring these things to our city to create a better environment.

Ironically when i first got here, i was ready to go home. People try to cheat you all the time, which annoys me. but now i like it here and don’t want to go home.

– on a tangent- Yeah people try to cheat me- but even when they cheat me- it’s only $2- what do i care? Why do i care. i guess it’s the principle. If it only costs $2, don’t try to charge me $4.


The conference: Great.

It was refreshing. i can’t think one thing in partiular the speakers said, but they really led us into the presence of God, and my faith was stregnthened.
Also got a lot of ideas for next semester, unfortunatley we have two mroe weeks of vacation, i may forget… No, there is nothing unfortunate about vacation.

It was mostly fun b/c of all the people. i tested extrovert on the most recent test i took, and i think i am finally admit it si true. i am charged by people. i am shy, but i am an extrovert. i like alone-time, but i need people.

It was interesting though- it was so hard to meet people.
There’s a room full of people who are all doing the same thing, in the same part of the world, the same age- about- and no one is talking to anyone they don’t know.
A couple of my teammates were literally terrified.
i felt like i initiated with everyone i met.

but, i did meet some cool people.

Most of the time at these conferences everyone meets me and remembers me- ny name is mookie, and i am one of 5 guys who aren’t white. but there were a couple girls and a couple guys i met last year who had no recollection of me- actually, it was great.

The other thing though was whenever i remembered someone’s name- and they would respond with yeah, you’re right- i’d raise m,y hands high and scream out YES! i’m not sure how that made people feel- but one girl- Emily did that to me – i was stoked.

Unfortunately i didn’t start really connecting with people until the last night… but we celebrated Cam’s birthday, and there was some good discussion worthy of it’s own post for sure



3 thoughts on “Mookie in Thailand

  1. Glad to hear you had a great time at the Conference. We’ll have to talk again soon…and I will try to include as many quotes as possible that will make people go to East Asia…that was my plan all along after all.
    Thanks for being Kramer!

  2. i’m so glad you’re enjoying the extroverted side of yourself these days. and it’s too bad you won’t be in phi phi… cause that place is gonna be off the hook [yeah, i said it].ok, i gotta go

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