The thing about Church

A few of us went to Church this morning. It was incredible. The first time i’ve gone to Church in 6 months.

Church is different than a conference. i mean, i like singing at the conference, and the speakers are great and all, but church is a real community.

i was blessed by Kossuth St at Purdue, Oakpointe in Michigan was one the most incredible churchs to attend, and my home Church in Lansing is so behind me in prayer. support and encouragement, i don’t think i’d survive without them.

i know that coming here, i don’t really get involved, but i still felt like part of the body. There are old people and young people. People who have been following God for a life-time, and small children whose faith is examplerary. There is an opportunity to give and an opportunity to worship, to join in fellowship and learn.

This church was particulary cool because of how diverse it was- Thai people, white people, black people, Indians, Africans, Chinese, Asians, men, women, young, old, people in shorts, people dressed up.

Church is important, be part of one

ps Chun Jie Kuai le!


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