On confessing and forgiving sin

Stint brings out sin.

That’s why sometimes it can feel awful… but it is good.

i feel like i am being made aware of sin or mistakes or being incosiderate, or not all that loving all the time- be it teamates, or the dreaded Holy Spirit- oh, He’s good, He’s my best friend, but He is still dreadful…

i have found this year that i like to confess in generalities. Sure, i can say i sinned. i may even say i’m prideful, but it is rare to confess how deep it goes. General sin doesn’t make me feel as bad… but it also doesn’t lead to as much healing.

This even more true with apologizing to others. i’m working on it. i hate apologizing. It feels so awkward. Most of the time, the other person didn’t even notice anything, and then i feel stupid- often though they bring up something else that upset them since i opened up an opportunity.

but when apologizing, do you think it is important to ask for forgiveness?
i have a hard time with that.

However, if anyone ever apologizes, i try to say you’re forgiven. Often i’ll add you don’t need to apologize, it was no big deal, you are forgiven.
“You’re forgiven” can speak so much more volume than, “don’t  worry about it.” or “It’s ok” “no big deal” etc.

It can be hard to say, b/c to say i forgive you implies something needs to be forgiven- and no one likes that, even if they know they did something wrong.

Apologizing and confessing and forgiving seem to be missing in our culture, and often dreaded, but i think oh so very valuable


One thought on “On confessing and forgiving sin

  1. I agree. Asking others for forgiveness is unbelievably humbling. Being able to ask for forgiveness is one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned since meeting Emily. It’s absolutely essential to the strength of our relationship. Thank God for forgiveness!!

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