MY heaven

i started reading this book called Heaven- it’s about Heaven. i’m sure you knew that, i heard recommendations from many of you.

Some may think Koh Samui is like Heaven. It sure is nice.
The water is a crystal blue and a glimmering gtreen, as iw alk across a golden beach and the sun radiating ever so brightly on me, with a nice gentle breeze calmly blanketing my body, as the tide gently caresses my feet. It is ever so nice, even more soothing than thosemassages i get on the beach.
Meanwhile at night, the temperature cools a bit, but i still walk aroundwith shorts and sandles and look up into starlit sky that breaks into the wide expanse that is our sky. At spots, they shine brightly, never do they dim. Truly God’s creation is glorious.

but last spring i went to Tian Shan- or Heavenly mountains in northwest China. An even more majetic sight. The lake shimmered like liquid glass as it reflected ther perfectly blue sky with soft puffy clouds interspersed between grand old moutain peaks, topped with snow, like it had sponed on from above.


But even these things pale to heaven, and a destination is not what draws me to a place- maybe the food, or the activity, but moreso the people, the community, the faces, the joy.

And so, when i think of heaven, this is what i picture:

i picture landing in this huge intersection of this grand street. Tons of people all around. There will be people who like like Homer Simpson when he enters the land of chocloate (mm chocolate, half-off!).

i will be standing there with my mouth half-gaped. Not a full gape as in shock or surprise, but open ever so slightly on theoutside, and ever so wide on the iside as i feel a sense of awe come over me.

i will ehar sounds of joy, sounds of excitement and renao as we would say here- liveley, bustling- commotion, but under control. Laughter will be heard from miles away, and the street will shine from the smiles of multitudes of faces.

i will be looking around as in a daze, not knowing quite how to feel, when my train of thought will be interrupted as an old friend sees me and shouts out my name “Mookiiiiie!!!” as he is being carried off someplace by his friends “We need to taaaalk. i’m so glad to see you, we got an eternity, but let’s not wait to long.”

Other will come over and give a heart handshake and smile as they walk on by, and from behind i’ll get a big bear hug and be lifted off my feet. Others will come and give me ahug and then a highfive. and then will come people i am surprised to be there. “You made it!  i’ll exclaim, after i give them a big sobby hug. “Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you” To whch i’ll just shake my head and raise my hands “noit my doing” Andwe’ll know.

Then in will come some Chinese friends, and some Turks who i don’t remember. Followed by people from multitudes of nations- people i’ve never met before, who have been influenced by people i influecned. “You’re Matt James? mookie?” “Yeah….?” And they’ll go onto explain why they came to see me and how God used me.

i will feel so humbled, so unworthy, while at the same point so full of joy.

And then i’ll see Him. My Master, My Lord, My Savior, my Love.

I’ll start to breathe a little deeper perhaps. That fear feeling i have when i see a girl i like or who i find amazingly attractive will overcome me. It’s a sense of fear- not that i am terrified, but i am in awe, i’ll recognize the greatness around me, and i’ll cower. i’ll look at Him and look away; put my hand to my forehead and look up again to try to  behold His beauty and majesty.

He will approach me, and the others around will smile, but i’l cower just a bit. He’ll wrap His arms around me “My son. I have loved you so much. Do you know?” My head will nod up and down as to say yes, but i will realize in that moment how little i did and respnd with a no, but i do now.

Water will start to form around my eyes as i behold His holiness. He will wipe away those tears from my eyes And He will say “Well dne, good and faithful servant”

And there will be a throng of worship- kind of like star wars, but with no jar jar bings, or like LOTR- the streets will be filled. People from every nation, along with choruses of angles will be singing and shouting with glorious and rambunctious triumph and joy. Trumpets willbe sounding, smoke ascending- we will hear celebration and joy all around us.

i will be surrounded by friends and family- my sister who has passed away already- i will tell her how much i love her. My mom and my dad by me. And myself fully restored, no pain in my back, no tightness in my muscles. No insecurities, no fears, no shame, no guilt. Fully free.

And we will worship in triumph and joy, David leading us in violent praise and adoration.

And the journey will have just begun.

i’m sure my imagination does not compare to the Lord’s This is what i look forward to.


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