the one with guy-girl interaction

ok, so last week we went out for Cam’s birthday. Billy, Cam, Ramsey and i were the first ones there.

i opened up some seats so the guys and girls coule intermingle… but it didn’t quite happen.
my parents called, and everyone wanted to hear what they sounded like, so after the phone got passed around, i got up to talk to them, and when i returned i decided i needed to sit by the boys- besides the hooka was over there…

but after the girls got done giggling, they started a good conversation- that i think came from me talking about the speed-dating disaster of CSU 05…

What do you find
… most intimidating
… most appealing
… most unappealing
                                 in the opposite sex?

After the initial answer of “A girl who has a bigger truck than me” a few guys bravely started to answer.
and we made the girls answer to.

The answers weren’t all that surprising, yet, still informative. There were a lot of head nods going around

It wasn’t too hard to come up with, though after thinking about it sometime, it has changed a little.
Then we answered the questions for ourselves! That was hard.

So, what do you think?
What intimdates you?
What attracts you?
What turns you off?

And what about yourself?

my answer is in the comment


13 thoughts on “the one with guy-girl interaction

  1. i have to give a listMost intimidating1. too quiet, doesn’t talk or even a low-talker. 2. too good-looking3. too boisterous, lots of guy friends4. a non-Christian family (it scares me).Most appealing1. JOY, a big smile and a hearty laugh – instant CME2. a heart for the world- probably the real #1, i have asked out more girls overseas than in America3. a girl who gives a lot of feedback while listening ie. head nods, grimaces, smiles, further questions, and of course laughing at my jokes- this is HUGE. – a good listener in general. This was what i said initially4. Open & Honest, tranparent & vulnerable – this was said by a lot of guys, i agree! 5. Passion – for God6. Easy to talk with7. Heart for prayerMost unappealing1. Doesn’t trust me, questions me2. Too needy – this seems like what i want, but i need a bit of pursuit3. Too independant- doesn’t accept help or chivalryOf course, there are issues of age and attractionMe?intimdating1. age/experience (most people i hang with are much younger)2. i’m indian3. ask a lot of questionsappealing1. show a lot of care2. can be chivalrous3. joyfulunappealing1. demanding/high standards2. don’t make a girl feel special3. insecurity4. safe

  2. it was an absolute blast hanging out with you at cam’s birthday. and i can’t wait until you join us again in phuket. i’ve missed you man. a lot.oh, and the conversations we had that nite and that week [including bkk] were memorable to say the least. travel safe.

  3. ok: so, i posed these questions to the group of folks who i’m on spring break with… so, here is what the answers were:jonathan: “childbirth” for all threegideon: intimidated by girls expectations, appealing is that girls dont have male anatomy and unappealing “no comment”jaye p: intimidating – the idea of submission some guys have, appealing – stability, clean boy smellangela: intimidating – age, submission, appealing – muscles, unappealing – boy smellsiew: appealing – cuddlingkatryn: no commentme: appealing – Jesus, wanting kids, unappealing – clinginess, immaturity yay, there are some answers for you

  4. I could never date a girl that has far too many guy friends.  I am a jealous guy and now that I psychoanalyze myself at the moment possibly this means I am insecure.  Maybe I just want a girl who hates hanging out with men as much as I do with women.  Hate is a strong word…maybe prefers same sex friendships and doesn’t put much stock in opposite sex friendships.  My girlfriend’s guy friends would screw me sideways.
    I find extremely shy women unappealing, and I am with you in the pursuit…it’s happened twice where I was on the fence about a girl, she showed her cards, and then every ounce of attraction I had for her left. 
    Appealing…I don’t mind a shock and awe lady in terms of looks…I am pitifully shallow.  I like girls who are grace oriented–I’m too truth oriented and I hated that in other girls, nothing complementary.  I dig women who can be women…who don’t put on some show to prove they can be independent.  Oh, and Christian, preferably Protestent, as you might notice in my last protected post…
    Intimidating about myself?  I’m not so sure I am all that imtimidating…which I think leads into one of my unappealing characteristics.  I show my hand to easily, I expose my hand to keep my foot in the door which in turn makes me too much of a brother.  Another one could be ego–although I am semi-good at hiding that in the early going. 
    For appealing, I can make the girl laugh, and I can be creative.  I can hold a conversation and I’m no dummy.  Not to mention the devilish good looks, but I digress…hehe.  Good post, glad I could put what you wanted for the comments section.

  5. great questions mookie… is it too late to answer??
    most intimidating
    1. expecting perfection in himself and others
    2. really smart, really rich, really good looking, famous, or really talented in a way in which i wish i was talented
    3. an extremely direct communicator… i can respect this characteristic in guys in general, but it would scare the crap out of me in a relationship
    most appealing
    1. kindness (to everyone — not just me)
    2. generosity (financially and otherwise)
    3. good sense of humor (makes me/others laugh and can also laugh with me/them)
    4. godly, masculine strength used for the benefit of others — not to prop up his ego… this one i couldn’t have articulated til i got to know my boyfriend.  i LOVE this about him!!
    5. a sharp and open mind
    most unappealing
    1.  mooching food all the time instead of buying his own dang food like he’s an adult
    2. having an unsettled life — frequently not sure what he’s doing next, where he’s living next, how he’s going to support himself, etc.  (#1 and #2 are summed up by this: acting like you’re still in college when you’re in your late 20s)
    3. frequent smelliness
    4. closed-mindedness
    so the 2nd set of questions is asking what’s intimidating, appealing, not appealing about me…?  hmm… i’ll have to think about those and maybe come back later to answer…

  6. i guess i missed the memo about whats intimidating/appealing/unappealing about me.i know that i am intimidating because i have a lot of guy friends. in fact, i have hardly any really close girl friends… but i’m working on that – its a heart thing that me and Jesus are working on. ha.i dont know what makes me attractive/unattractive. i am confident, maybe overly so, so that would fall in both categories.

  7. I know this is way late, but I’m just now getting caught up on the past week of xanga entries. 
    Ok, first of all, I loved that you called the speed dating night a disaster.  I’m wondering who came up with that idea in the first place and if they will ever try it again.
    Most intimidating- guys who are intellectuals and like to debate.  Because then I’m too scared to talk around them.  I may have thoughts, but I feel like they would take any little thing I said and tear me apart.  So I’d rather just keep my mouth closed.
    Most attractive- Besides humor (which will always be at the top of my list) guys who are gentle yet strong.  I don’t know how to explain it, but I know it when I see it.  And I guess guys who show a little maturity are also a cool too.
    Biggest turn-off- signs (or outright displays) of dishonesty, unfaithfulness, lying, etc.  Probably because my dad has forever broken my trust of men, but if I see anything in a guy that shows hints of dishonesty and unfaithfulness… no way.  Just be brutally honest.  That’s a lot easier for me to forgive.

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