My perfect day

Our vacation is slowly winding down, it was fun while it lasted. i didn’t particulary like Phuket, but the last 3 nights have been some of my favorites- talking into the middle of the night on the beach with Billy, silent speed uno the next night, and some silly, but deep conversations last night.

It started yesterday when we’re talking about next years stinters and summer project- which brought up last summer and the questions- which fictional character would you date (a post already done (but Rene Zelwegger’s character on Jerry Maguire hands down)) that escalated to talking about safe vs dangerous vs mysterious people (a post that needs to be developed) to the perfect date (to which i said: a girl showing up, enjoying herself and willing to go on a second date).

then i asked the question given to me by the Turkey STINT team of 00-01. Describe your perfect day

Here’s mine, if i could still pull it off

starts with basketball in the morning (like the old days) it would involve 12 specific people affectionately known as the waffle gang, and 15-20 more friends, and like 10-15 people who would just randonly show up. There would be 4 courts, so games would be constantly going. We’d play 2+ hours. While sitting out games, we would trash talk, boo Al, laugh at the Bettags, and i would meet some of the new people, develop a new friendship and share Christ withgone or two or three people (and the perfect day a guy would come to Christ too).

i’d experience no back pain all day, i’d take a charge, block a shot, win most games, have some beautiful passes that we’d be talking about later in the day, and would stop playing after i twist my ankle, amongst ther brusies.

We’d then – most of us at least- go to eat at some cafateria, and be joined by like 20-30 friends, including many girls(some girls would be playing basketball too, and likely on my team).

It would be a cafateria, but good food. likely BBq chicken pizza and pepperoni pizza and a cheeseburger, a casar salad available and make your own sundaes along with a big cookie.

We’d have a lot of good conversation, that are both silly and somewhat serious- like things i blog about. We’d probably talk about relationships at oen poitn, poop at another, simpsons, scrubs, seinfled will all come up.

Of course i would make a scene with a friend or two to embarass some people at the table, and then all of us would sing a song so we’d get the whole cafateria to join us- remeniscent of CSU or Mereidth hall.

After 2+ hours herer, id’ go back and take a ncie long warm shower, and then spend some time journaling and in the Word.

Then i’d meet up with some friends- a bunch, where we’d watch seinfeld, simpsons, scrubs or sportscenter, or maybe i love the 80’s/90’s and go outside and throw the football or baseball around. There are certain people from michigan and other best friends i certainly want to hang out with here.

We’d have steak for dinner- mid-rare, and then be whisked away to lovely Delaware- no j/k- to a Church-type service: with John Piper or James White or Bob Shirock or Larry Crabb speaking, and Paul Jenkinson leading worship- a great time of celebration, worship and prayer.

After which, a large number us, including the “Sunday @ Shreve gang” and some of my best friends would have a long hearty discussion about God, life, the Word, theology, things we heard about ion the message and how to apply to real life.

We’d head back somewhere – maybe a Red robin to get freckled lemonades- and continue again in conversation. Somewhere along the way i’d spend siginificant time with a girl i like. IT would be awesome, no pressure, very relaxed and natural, and a deep connection. we’d laugh, have fun, and be interested in one another.

After midnight we’d watch something stupid like SNL, Conan or Zoolander or bubble boy and laugh are heads off. Then go out to dennys and get a waffle- but one like at the pancake house with ice cream in the middle. There be like a hundred people there. Tons of different conversations and lots of laughter.

i’d come back home and talk toa couple of my best friends about the day- and about that girl i like, and who they like too.

It’d end in the wee hours of the morning after i journal personally, i’d write a blog about something that happened during the day, see i got 10-12 comments on a previous post, check my facebook to see 2-3 new friend requests, and be poked by a few people, and a number of emails in my inbox, including one from that girl.

And all this knowing that the same or similar will happen again next week.

i should say i’d hear a lot of good music, play PS2 perhaps too, and 1st place in a fantasy league.

And there’s no way i could pull this off every day- it would kill me. It should be followed by a day where i could sleep all afternoon- take a 4 hour nap(or a sleep) on the couch, and chill in the evening.

Other days that could compete:
March Maddness
Bowl Season
my wedding day

In summary

1. Conversations: from silly to serious, a lot of depth, though fun
2. People: good friends, best friends, groups of friends, and new people to get to know and share Christ with, and to scare in some ways too
3. Connection with God- alone time, teaching, but mostly thru interaction with the body and corporate worship
4. Lots of laughter
5. good food
6. a girl
7. sports
8. entertainment
9. writing
10. hope for more


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