MY beautiful hometown

12 kilos in my backpack being carried around
11 flights
10 differrent starbucks (and passing about a hundred more)
9   different hotels + 1 stay with Abe
8   different types of food (maybe more)
7   different airports/cities
6   stops in the Bangkok airport alone
5   stops at McDonalds and 5 lbs gained (thankfully that’s all)
4   massages, movies in the theatres, new books
3   countries
2   visits to Outback, Tony Romas and old friends
1 long break

14 new facebook friends
13 big problems
several hours in net bars
40-60 mosquito bites last night
7 days enjoying a moped
73 pages journaled
231 pictures taken

i am back in my beautiful hometown! – fresh with snow!

The weird part is- this really does feel like home. It’s like the first time in years i’ve felt like i have a home.

i am so glad to be home. i coulda come back a week ago, maybe two! i was ready to be back soon after i left- because, this is home.
i like knowing where i am, where i’m goin, how to get there, and how much to pay.
i like knowing how to speak the language
And i don’t like living out of a backpack- losing something every couple days

Thailand was great and all, don’t get me wrong. i enjoyed the food- but it is much cheaper here.
I enjoyed the warm weather, but i don’t sweat here.
And there are NO BUGS!

In reality, this is a beautiful town- especially compared to other places in Asia.
We can see the stars at night, and the sun during the day- all the time. We have blue skies. And sure, there is some urine on the ground, but it don’t smell that bad in the city.
We got culture, and people who enjoy seeing us around.

And sure there are only 12 of us, but some cities don’t even have that.

And y’know what, i really missed being in ministry. i experience God so much in doing ministry. A break was nice. i was glad to not to have to make every decision for my team for 4 weeks. but i like leading the team, i like sharing Christ in another language – that i guess i apparently know how to speak. i like developing others in their faith.

My hometown rocks. And yes, it’s scary that this is home, but it is pretty cool too. i invite ya’ll to join me here next year… and longer!


3 thoughts on “MY beautiful hometown

  1. hi mookie! i enjoyed reading your post about your home 🙂 and it makes me excited to hopefully come there next year!i also am wondering what you all said about “next years team” as you referenced in your last post??also, tom says hi 🙂

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