On hanging out

“You hanging out? i’ll hang out!”

This small line in  a potato chip commercial has become my motto for life.

So, when i ran into a group of people from conference who i barely knew, and they asked me if i wanted to join them, and i asked “What are you doing?” And they responded “Just hanging out.” i couldn’t refuse. It’s what i love to do!

As you may know, the inspiration for the “My…” titles come from Scrubs (as suggested by erik mellquist).

Some people do not like this show b/c it makes them lust or something. The show, and other shows may cause me to lust as well- for deeper friendships.

i love the community and friendship displayed on scrubs, friends (obviously), and that 70’s show. i envy Turk & JD. They have a best friend to play finger or toe with. They have someone they’ve known for years still in their life. Is that reality for anyone?

This is what consumes me i think. Friendships. Cultivating relationships. Understanding people. Developing Community.

And in recent i have come to the conclusion, the place where i really enjoy people is when we just hang out.

Y’know like sitting around watching something stupid on tv, but having conversation in the middle. Or just shooting the breeze late at night, that becomes deep conversation.

i love hanging out. That’s what they do on Seinfeld. That’s what they do on all these shows. And that’s what i have done with my closest friends.

i think there are different types of people:
1. games
2. movies
3. stories
4. conversation – which is me

A lot of people want to have a plan, i just want to have fun. Most people want to do something, i just want to hang out. You can play your games- i’ll come (and i might play) as long as we can hang out. You can watch your movie – i’ll watch, but let’s hang out after. Telling stories can be fun, as long as we’re just hanging out.

And the best conversations come, after or in the midst of, hanging out.


5 thoughts on “On hanging out

  1. I concur.  I don’t mind going out somewhere “exciting” per se like bar-hopping or some club, but I would take three or four buddies with a twelve pack on my porch any day.  And I envy Turk and JD too…Sahr from WW is one of my best friends and I tried calling him Brown Bear lately…but it just hasn’t worked out.  Maybe it’ll grow on him if I keep trying to force it…
    By the way, best Scrubs episode of all time is “My Screw-up,” from the third season.  I have everything from seasons 1 to 4 on my computer…at home…the one in Philadelphia.

  2. I’m holding a toe or a finger up to the keyboard right now. Guess which one.I also love Good Will Hunting because of the friendship between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. And then Robin Williams gets involved! I’m a sucker for guy-guy friendships in movies, tv, books.

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