The thing about smiling

You ever  hear how yawning is contagious? You may want to yawn right now, just by reading the word.
Laughter is contagious too. Which is why i love watchign comedies with a group of people. And have you ever been around a group of people who are laughing really loud? Even if they are faking it, eventually everyone laughs!

Smiles are contagious too. Which is why “honey i love you, but i just can’t smile” is such a fun game- especially with Asian kids- oh my goodness!
Or maybe you should have saw Steph and i try to skowl at each other on the long couch in ChiangMai…

But there is more, and these ideas were sparked (or directly) from Malcom Gladwell’s book: Blink

i agree so much with what Larry Crabb says: real change occurs from the inside-out. But Gladwell proposes the opposite can be true too in some little ways.

If we feel depressed, smiling can take away that depressed feeling. The act of smiling changes our inner feeling. When we smile on the outside, it affects something on the inside.

Often when i feel down or depressed, i like to watch a sad movie or listen to some mellow – emo, if you will- music. i kinda like that melancholly mood… but if i want to get out of it, then a comedy could cheer me up.

It’s not just smiling, it’s all sorts of things. Like nodding your head up & down while someone is talking will reinforce the person speaking, but also will help you own what is being said.

i think this is why i tend to fall for expressionate girls…

i was thinking about this a little bit this morning during FT, as we sang.
i like raising my hands when i sing. And if i smile about God’s love as i sing, i tend to enjoy God’s love more.
We never did such things at the church i grew up at.
And i don’t think raising your hands means you are worshipping God more or better.
but, if and when i am more expressionate- like putting my hands palms open in front of me while singing about surrender, or raising my hands high palms face out while singing about God’s holiness, or putting my hands on my heart while singing about God’s love… i begin to believe these things more and think about what i am saying.


back to smiling: i am trying these things out on my team. If i want to create an excited mood- i nod my head up & down and smile a lot. We’ll see what happens. And i’m going to try flashing smiles at people all over the place, and see what happens.

i like smiling, it’s my favorite.


One thought on “The thing about smiling

  1. any chance you can get me the MRT card by this friday (my addresss i sent to you in gmail account – let me know if you need me to re-send it). ill ask my bro to deposit ure cash in his account and send ure parents a check back in the states – it might take a couple weeks though.

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