My maddness

i love March Maddness.

i’m up in the middle of the night watching games, yes i am.

i have no clue who is really all that good, i should have asked for advice- i see just about everyone had Georgetown in the final four- really? And Tennesse too- i have both teams losing early- i guess i’m basing everything on 2 years ago.

i didn’t like how the seedings came out. i think an 8/9 seed is like the worst seeding to get- which of course is what Purdue got…

So my theory is pick base on
1. good guard play & good shooters
2. A super star player who can take over a game
3. Coaches/team history
4. Good team defense
5. Seniors

Of course 12 seeds over 5 seeds, and a 4 & 6 lose, and a couple 7’s lose…

but the #1 rule is to rank the teams before seedings come out, and pick the final 4 first
My top 20 teams

1. L’ville
2. Ohio St
3. UF
4. Texas
6. Wisc
7. A&M
8. Oregon
9. Purdue
10. MSU
11. Butler
12. Kentucky
13. UNC
14. SIU
15. Marquette
16. Duke
17. Nevada
18. Maryland
19. Gonzaga
20. Memphis
21. Davidson
22. Creighton
63. Texas Tech
64. IU


9 thoughts on “My maddness

  1. Your rankings are fascinating.  Louisville is certaintly hot right now but not quite worthy of that number one ranking.  One team absent in that list is Georgetown who I feel is quite capable of winning it all.  Of course, Kansas is also missing but with Bill Self at the helm that is probably wise.  Whatever you do, just cheer against Joaquim Noah and Florida…I can’t stand that guy.  I was at the Vanderbilt-Florida game when he tried to slap the ball out of Kevin Stalling’s hands (Vandy’s coach).  This has the feel of a year where the Big Ten has been much maligned by the media and will put two teams in the Final Four (but maybe not Wisconsin…watch MSU, they are always a surprise in the tournament).  And of course Illinois could easily be an unexpected participant of the Sweet Sixteen….they match up well with Virginia Tech and a game between they and SIU would be decided by the first team to 40.

  2. purdue… really? they should be up somewhere around… 30th. let’s be real, and forget the sentimentality for a moment.other than that switch 3 and 4 with 5 and 6 and we’re pretty much on the same page. i love your 64th seed, haha!

  3. so the Louisville thing didn’t work out… but i did think the A&M game would be their toughest challenge in winning it all. i forgot: matchups.
    The biggest upset so far: how few upsets there have been.
    oh well, and i think Ohio St is extremely lucky to still be in the tourney- Oden’s foul at the end was one of the most flagrant fouls i’d ever seen- if that were in the NBA there would be 5-6 20 game suspensions right now… of course that’s b/c the nba is a bunch of thugs.

  4. wow.  you thought that was one of the most flagrant fouls you’ve ever seen?  i really didn’t think so. def. not after some i’ve seen recently. ex) tyler hansbrough getting his nose broken and one of the wright state players tackling pitt’s big man (gray?) in the first round. 

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