“Oh, I don’t think I ever have any little poops” – steph warner

“I liked your buttcheeks” – Christine Major

“If I’m at a nazi camp and they’re force-feeding me poptarts, I’m like  LEAVE ME HERE!!!!!!” – CM

“My butt  hurts. Look at the size of that crack!” Daniella Frank

“I think you have a little black in you” Billy
“She does! She hordes her barbeque sauce!” – CM

“Wouldn’t it be cool to be a car? (no response) I was just joking.” Steph

“If we had to do a thousand piece puzzle, I’d poop on the floor” – CM

“Is it a Tyranaosourus Rex? Is it a dinosaur? Is it a T-Rex?” – Julie Pippenger

“Damn that tricerratops!” Billy Van Elk

“I’d make an exception for a really hot girl.” – mookie or maybe it was billy

“BGS” – billy

“Is it wrong that we’re laughing about this?” – mookie

“What’s up… DAWG!” – WQL

“SHUT-UP!” – ding




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