the one with 22 short blogs

i’m sad the no one reads blogs anymore, so, here’s 22 short blogs for you to comment on

The thing about fasting is…it makes me tired and cold. The not eating part can be annoying, i just don’t like being tired, and then falling asleep when i pray. i wonder do i really pray more? but i do suggest ya to fast for a couple days or couple weeks if ya never have…

The thing about the smell is… you can get used to it here sometimes, but then it hits you… and i’m pretty sure all my clothes reek…

My favorite poptart… may be the new cookie dough ones, and the cinnamon brown sugar are ok, but if i have one for the rest of my life- frosted strawberry: b/c it’s fruit, so at least i feel like i’m being healthy

My favorite quotes… can be found at -it has been updated, so check it out!

the thing about studying the asian language is… it’s too darn difficult. i hate characters

the thing about crying is… i want to do it, but i fight it. it just feels weak, i can’t get myself to do it, but just about every episode of scrubs or American dreams will make me tear up….

the thing about fantasy baseball is… it’s like the dream of my childhood, and it bonds me to old friends, and well even if my 2-3 best players get hurt, my season isn’t over….

My mom… will ask me about or mention a girl every single time we talk- but last night she said “I wasn’t going to say anything, but…” And after i laughed she said “What? I wasn’t going to say anything!” but you did mom. She still doesn’t understand…

The thing about Amy Grant is… you may think she is cheesy and laugh about her music- but everyone knows all her songs… and may even like some of them!

The thing about last night that was so great… no tv. we entertained ourselves for 6-10 hours, depending on how long you were there…

The thing about March maddness this year… there were a lot of close games, but the top seeds keep on winning- who cares anymore!

the thing about writing 22 short blogs… it was based on a simpsons episode… but i don’t know if i have that much to write about…

My loud and obnoxious friends… are awesome. i love creating a scene. And you know everyone wishes they were hanging out with us…

The thing about being an extrovert is… if i am, i have to admit i am shy… plus then others don’t understand when i need down time… this is why i didn’t want to admit i was an extrovert…

My prayer… is that i would pray more…

The movie i want to make: the male side of the cinderella story. The chase, the pursuit, the frustration…

the thing about watching tv shows… it makes me lust after friendships they have there… and may set up unreal expectations on others… or does it?

My ideal living room… the tv is off to the side. i like watching tv, but i don’t want it to be the center/focal point of the room

the thing about the facebook… it changes everything about how we communicate. i hardly ever get emails anymore, almost everything is public… and it has created a new stage in a relationship: facebook official… plus ya’ll should join b/c i post pictures there…

the thing about facial hair… i love the 5 o’clock shadow look. Just a little bit of scruff, like Jack or Sawyer on LOST… but then if it’s like that too long, it gets straggly and looks just old

My future wife… surely is Norah Jones, she’s my age and half-Indian. She’s INDIAN, come on- we’re meant to be. Plus she can sing and pretty attractive, close to girls i’ve dated before… but, she’s INDIAN!

My goodness… why did i do this?


11 thoughts on “the one with 22 short blogs

  1. love it mookie (or moogie). last night was fun. strawberry poptarts are good, especially with orange juice. the EA smell has hit me afresh this week and it leaves me changing clothes about three times a day. and scrubs is awesome. 🙂

  2. moogie! hehe i’m still a fan of that. strawberry poptarts are my second favorite. and i still care about march madness because osu is still in! so boo-yah.

  3. i, for one, would enjoy a movie about the male side of the cinderella story- you could call it the prince charming conundrum. but i expect proper recognition in the credits and of course financial compensation for contributing such a good title.and amy grant was a close second favorite mini blog entry. every day at christian summer camp the summer i turned 11 our alarm would go off and i think my camp counselor would roll over and push play on her tape player and we would get up and get ready to the strains of ‘every heartbeat’. fun times.

  4. love all of iti am going to miss you loads next yearand i’m not just saying that [and scrubs makes me cry too]oh, and let’s get to writing the script for that movie, i feel like it could be amazing. maybe joaqin phoenix for the lead?

  5. I’m only commenting because of the blatant plea at the top.Of course, your comment about friendships on television (which you’ve said before in a blog, so isn’t that recycled content?) makes me think.

  6. And 22 replies-because-I-don’t-read-blogs-enough-but-still-wish-people (including me)-would-read-blogs-more: I agree, fasting good, but you need to be specific about scheduling the time to pray or you will just starve and be cold. ‘What does it smell like. The strawberry is the best. Classic. I will check your quotes. My new fav. quote of today is: “No local church can afford to go without the encouragement and nourishment that will come to it when sending away it’s best people.” David Penman. I give you guys all the credit for studying Chnese. I can cry at anything, testimonies, films, happy, sad. 🙂 What is your baseball team called? Does it annoy you that your mom always brings up girls? Is it too much pressure? I made fun of Amy when I was in college. I know every lyric. I am sheepish of my hypocrisy. I now sing them and don’t make fun of her. How did you guys entertain yourselves? After 25 years on this earth.. I finally know what “top seed” is. Why 22? Does creating a scene over there seem weird to the local people. Because it would for sure seem weird to people here. .. okay I am losing momentum. I cant actually comment on all 22 things you have posted here. I am stretching a bit. 🙂 Night night

  7. a few responses: your clothes do reek (the first time i opened my suitcase back in the states… whew) but take comfort, everyone else’s do too. strawberry poptarts rock. your mom makes me laugh :). amy grant, man – definitely had the cassette tapes – enough said. i hope you get to hang out with people without tv more often. i don’t think tv sets “too high” standards for real life relationships – they are the shadow of what real authentic relationships can look like. i mean dude look at the Bible! and kingdom of couches. i believe script writers write three things: what they know, what they wish they knew, and what they fear. given that case, and given reality and what we know of Biblical community and Christ-centered love (though we know only the surface of the depth of this knowledge and wisdom and love) we can see that these relationships are either real or desired as the image of perfect relationship, and well, anything we see as the “perfect image” of something is far less perfect than true perfection. also i’m sad the heels are out.the end. (have a radical day!)

  8. why do almost only girls comment on your blogs?  Also, your description of the perfect living room is kind of broad.  I mean, does nothing else matter if the TV is off to the side?

  9. I love the idea of making a movie showing the male side of the Conderella story.  I think I might even pay full price to see that one.  My mom makes those types of comments too except about guys for me, she sooo doens’t get it either.  Lastly, I loved that part about your prayer being that you would pray more.  I’m going to stick that one on my dashboard I think.

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