the one with spiritual stuff, stint-life, springtime and spiritual community- no fooling

Tomorrow is a day with Dad- much needed. i love that we have to do this once a month- really, i need to do it once a week… or more…

We’ll celebrate passover together to top it off… it really didn’t feel like Palm sunday, maybe that’s b/c i’m in Asia… but it didn’t feel like April yet either…

Though, i did get up at 7am for my fantasy baseball draft, and played wiffleball yesterday- i like teaching people, so teaching the Asians how to hit a ball was a lot of fun…

anyway, here are some more notes from the Safest place on earth… i’ve been reading it slowly

“It is still tempting to try to manage community because it matters so much… ..But soul care and all relationships are spiritual activity.”

“A safe community where souls can rest, love and heal is a community where people love one another and are stirred by the Holy Spirit to experience holy passions. How do we manage that? We don’t. We become mystics. We put ourselves in the humble position of dependence and let God do it.”

“Spiritual community is at once the safest place on earth, and the place of greatest danger.”

“…certainly require that we remain involved with certain folks we’d prefer to avoid or permanently leave.
Getting along with fellow star-buck lovers is easy. Offering spiritual community to hard-to-enjoy relatives and friends is not.”


Last week we had what i felt was the best staff meeting of the year. Simply because everyone talked, and everyone opened up. We have a great team. But we want more. We want to go deeper and grow closer. It is easy to stay on the surface, and avoid conflict. It is easy to harbor bitterness. It’s hard to be honest. It’s hard to put yourself out there. But it is worth it.

As i’ve talked with some other stinters – which is the place to learn about community- one thing i pick up, whereever you are, is that we need each other. And it’s not just about what we get out of it. We need to givers and takers. Even if you feel like you don’t need others, others need you- and you may be surprised by how much you need them to… It may take work or sacrifice, but, we do that for all things we love or find important- i mean, i woke up at 6:30 am for my fantasy baseball draft (which is more b/c of my friends), i can make sacrifices sometimes…

In the end though, as much as we want to make community happen, God is the one who develops it and we have to wait on Him.


3 thoughts on “the one with spiritual stuff, stint-life, springtime and spiritual community- no fooling

  1. I like those quotes! Community = safest place, and one of the most danger….that pretty much sums it up 🙂 And what i’ve noticed is that it’s becoming hard to finish STINT strong – especially in the area of community where we are all tired, the end is in sight, we’re the most comfortable with eachother we’ve ever been…but God is still doing the miraculous! sounds like the same on your team!

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