On the couch

I love our couch here. The Red monster. It’s almost as nice as the Kammie couch we had back at Purdue.

I have had to sleep on a lot of couches in my day. The 3 months I raised support, I probably slept on a couch an average of 4-5 days/week. My first 3 months after I raised I had to sleep on  a couch as well. Perhaps this is why my back is messed up.


But these days, I often choose to sleep on the couch. I love the feeling of realizing I have fallen asleep on the couch before bed. I don’t necessarily like getting up and going to bed- so I guess it’s good Billy sometimes comes in and puts a blanket on me and turns the light off.


i also like lazy days where i can watch a movie in the afternoon, is there anything better?


4 thoughts on “On the couch

  1. Aww, your roomie tucks you in at night. What a good guy. I had an awesome red couch/futon in my dorm room senior year. It was more comfortable as a couch than any I had ever sat on, and more comfortable than most beds when it was folded down. Sadly, my parents couldn’t move it when I graduated and I had to give it to Matt Harrison. I hope he’s taking good care of it.

  2. I think the thing about couch naps, or any naps, is they feel like a bonus. Its like bonus sleep. I especially love Sunday afternoon naps, if I can catch it in a sun beam – totally awesome.

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