I like personality tests. I like what I can learn about myself or others and why we tend to act the way we do.


Still, I hate being labeled. I think as a culture we like labeling people. It is easier. If we can put a label on something we know how to deal with it. Reading the book blink, an appealing label will more likely to be bough no matter what is inside. We judge a book by its cover.

And we tend to label people so we know how to deal with them. Some just fit a stereotype. The label may not be wrong or off. It may indeed be very accurate. And the label may not be negative, still it is a label.


I feel like I have been labeled as: irresponsible, fun/fun-loving, lazy, nice, immature, weak.

Not all bad things, I suppose, still it is label.

I think of another who has been labeled as serious, smart, stubborn,

Or another who has been labeled as the opposite of serious.


Here’s what happens – if I get labeled as being melancholy, which I’m not really, people assume I’m being pessimistic, and don’t want to really engage in a conversation with me. If they think I am fun, they don’t think I’m being serious when I ask them questions- which I always am.

If someone is labeled as being smart, they assume they are being cynical.


We need to remove preconceptions, even as we know someone. The more we get to know someone, the more we realize how little we know…. And labels just block how deep we can get, how much we can enjoy a person…


Be wary of labels…


4 thoughts on “labels

  1. good thoughts! i think labels are more harmful than helpful. we can feel stuck with “bad” labels (mine are: irresponsible, flighty, has a hard time following through, etc) but what about the “good” labels- or the ones we think are good- the ones we want to be known for? (like being thoughtful or wise or a good listener/processor, etc.) those can also create a pressure to be or perform a certain way. its such a catch-22- i hate to be labeled but i sure like to know how to qualify and understand another person, so i often label them! i think its really an issue of adequacy- i like to be thought of as competent and to know what to do and how to handle whatever comes up… but thats a whole ‘nother issue!

  2. I think of you as loyal.Having the name Mookie probably gives people the idea that you’re not very serious. It took me a little while to realize how serious you often are.

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