The things we hate

Jerry Seinfeld does a bit about kids becoming friends “You like to eat m&m’s? I do too. Let’s be friends. You’re favorite color is blue? Mine is too! We should be best friends!!”


But more than having things in common, or similar interests, or liking the same sports team… the things we hate is what bond us together more.


‘This teacher can’t teach, I hate going to his class. Me too!’ Instant bond

‘I can’t stand the Yankees’ we can hangout

‘Barry Bonds is a cheater’ yeah, you think like me, we should be best friends

‘As long as Notre Dame loses, I don’t care who wins’ I can agree with that

‘This song sucks, why do people listen to it’ Finally someone who understands me


We need someone to hate don’t we? Andy Kaufman had it right when he said everyone loves a villain.

In my group of friends, I have called my friend Justin from New York the villain of our group. He’s the scapegoat in our fantasy sports leagues- always. Hey, he’s our friend, but he’s the villain.


Tv shows have it, movies have it. There is always an antagonist. Always one they build up to hate. We love jeering the bad guy as much as, if not more than cheering for the good guy.


Is this ok? Should we be this way? Should we change our attitudes? Or readjust them?


Maybe like, hatred of sin. Or hatred of hatred.


I think people like to have someone they see as a bad guy, b/c it makes them feel better about themselves. And perhaps this is why Christians are hated- we don’t hate as much as others- people that is- or at least we shouldn’t.


Still Christians hate. Many hate rules. Many hate people.


We should hate well. But we may need to reexamine what we hate. And I hope I never express hate towards a person.


(We had pizza tonight, and i loved it!)


2 thoughts on “The things we hate

  1. Yay for eprops. 🙂 Yeah. I think the dialectical thing may get me in trouble sometime. I don’t know if I like that I do the devil’s advocate thing. Do you like that you do it? Do you think it is a good thing that I do it? I think I am getting my head around the fact that I do it. Joy. Little blind spots revealed. Whoops. Maybe I did know I did it a bit. But not so consistently. 🙂
    As for your post. I don’t think I like when people bond over things they hate. Maybe it just seems so negative to me. Like out of whining should come a beautiful friendship? I suppose your observations are correct in that it is quite common. It just seems like a thin piece of ground to bond as friends over. What do you think?

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