My pet-peeves

Here are some things i hate….

the holiday though, was surprisingly good- a romantic comedy for an emo generation…



  1. Impatience:
    nothing makes me more impatient than when people are being impatient. Maybe it’s because I’m people-oriented and not task-oriented, but I can’t understand why people start complaining and antsy, and why they can’t relax. All impatience does is make me feel insecure, unloved and irritated. Does it really help speed the process along? I try to meet people’s needs for time. But it bugs me when people are impatient with other people around me


  1. Complaining
    – ironically I am complaining about complaining. I just get so tired and feel drained when people complain. My energy is taken away from me. My joy is stolen. Stop complaining- it’s sin. Be thankful- we’re commanded to.
    Be real and honest, but find a way to find joy.
    Though, do not mistake complaining for honesty and authenticty. i suppose it is a thin-line. but i love authenticity, hate complaining.


  1. Correcting
    Is there really a need to correct someone as they are telling a story? If they said Monday instead of Tuesday? Does it make a difference? I feel like I am being talked down to or shown up. And maybe I am just prideful, but I usually respond with some condescending comeback.
    I mean help me, I need and want help. But don’t correct me.


  1. When people don’t trust me
    It hurts. And I don’t like having to defend myself. If I say something, why do you think I would lie? Why do you feel the need to repeat it? Why do you question me?


  1. Patronizing
    I felt like a loser, and now I feel worse.


  1. Know it all’s

         people who think they’re always right

         worse: people who ARE always right

         worst: people who don’t realize, I’M always right




i like to think i’m pretty laid-back… but then again in college i came up with like 50 or 60 like #6…


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